The High Road

The Science Behind: Overtraining
  We love working out for a wide variety of reasons, and some of us love it more than others. Getting stronger, looking better, feeling better and the many benefits associated with a long and healthy life are some of...
The Science Behind - Exercise
We all love exercising. The satisfaction after setting a new personal record in any major lift, the end of a long distance run or the final sprint interval leaves us happy and content. The efforts you put in leave you...
The Science Behind - Procrastination
Procrastination. The one lazy habit that keeps us from achieving better things in life. You might have definitely experienced this when putting off work for the next day or waking up after two more minutes. However, procrastination always seems to...
The Science Behind - Food Cravings
We are no strangers to cravings. But have you ever wondered why do the cravings occur in the first place, and how can you get rid of them?
The Science Behind - Meditation
Meditation. Mindfulness. Mental Health. We constantly hear them but what exactly happens when you meditate? Here is the science behind it.
The Science Behind - A Good Night's Sleep

Sleep! The one thing all of us love to do. The one (in)activity we do daily without fail. But what is it that actually counts as a good night’s sleep? Here is all you need to know.