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IPL 2020 - Breaking down the peak fitness moments
We have all been watching the IPL 2020 season with great enthusiasm as it is one of the first sports in India to be screened, post the coronavirus pandemic. However, it is not just our favorite Team India captain who keeps fit but also many other players. Here are the top 4 fittest moments from this year's IPL.
The Virat Kohli Fitness Regime - Can you do it?
Virat Kohli is a beloved icon of the Indian cricket team. His passion for the sport of cricket goes to the point where he underwent a transformation to become an asset to the team. Since then, team India’s fit star...
Training full body or splitting your workouts - What is more efficient?
We mentioned how the perfect workout split can help you get better results in your fitness journey. Being no strangers to gyms or workouts, we know that some people prefer splitting their workouts according to muscle groups or body parts,...
Is equipment always needed for building muscle?
Equipment has been one of the excuses that we sometimes used to put off exercising. But for those who are aiming to build more strength, are dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells really necessary? Are weights necessary? Strength training coach Nikhil Mishra...
Top 5 mistakes to avoid when working out
We are no strangers to fitness. We love working out, be it a satisfying endurance run or a heavy lift session at the gym, we are constantly working on becoming a better version of ourselves. However, many beginners start out...
Home Workout of The Week - Callisthenics
Callisthenics has become the new norm for a lot of us during the lockdown . With restrictions lifted in many places, many still choose to continue with the bodyweight warrior alternative to becoming fitter without lifting any weights. After all,...
Acroyoga - Adding fun to your yoga
Acroyoga has seen increased participation in India in the past five years. Susheel mentions that in his five years of Acroyoga practice, he has seen many people taking up this exercise form to improve their health.
How running is the fastest and surest way to build communities
We are no strangers as human beings when it comes to running. It is a primal instinct that we all have and is a part of many fitness routines. But how does it help build communities?
Home Workout of The Week - Strength Training without weights
Is strength training always about lifting weights? Can you increase your muscle mass without weights? All your questions answered along with a sample workout plan for beginners.
HIIT - The gamechanger for your fitness
High intense workouts are associated with lifting heavy weights with maximum effort or running the fastest you possibly can.
The Ultimate Workout Playlist - Indian Edition
How important is music to your workout? Be it the peppy beats or the rhythm of the drums, each of us haves our own preference and thereby, a personal workout playlist.
Home Workout of the Week - Animal Flow for Beginners
Looking for a full-body workout at home with no equipment and suits all fitness levels? Try Animal Flow to tick all the boxes and achieve your fitness goals.