About us

What is Zymrat , You ask !

For all of us who exercise, whether it is working out inside a gym or running in a park outside, Zymrat provides comfortable yet modern clothing gear. 

Zymrat was born when our quest to find fun clothes in an affordable range began. Sounds overly ambitious ? Of course Not . It doesn't matter if you do Yoga at your home or Pilates at a gymnasium. It doesn't matter if you run in a park, trek on the mountains, lift in your own garage. You always need good clothes.

Goal , You ask !

For us, the fitting , comfort and price matters. So you have already bought the sports shoes (ps: we are not making shoes yet) and now it's time to buy the clothes. Would you want to invest more than your monthly gym cost on a T-shirt or a legging ?

Our goal is to make affordable yet stylish clothes without letting yourself be taken in for a ride for super-expensive clothes. Be it lifting, crossfit, yoga, running, trx, aerobics or dancing. 

About us, We say !

We are a set of fitness enthusiasts from India who are obsessed with great fitting clothes even while working out. We believe that a great fit of clothes does a great deed to our body.

We are thrilled to see our friends and their friends talk about fitness and health in India more than ever. We see our parents try out 'diets' for the first time. Isn't that something? And we want to take it forward. It's great if you start early but it's perfectly okay if you have started late into fitness. Whatever it is, Zymrat will make you stylish in your fitness journey. 


We are always available at care@zymrat.com. You can reach us 24/7 on our e-mail to talk about your order, fitness or just to say hi. 

Let's be strong together. Join us for offers, discounts and more.