Why do we exist?

Hey, so you have come to the backstage to learn more about us.
Well, this page was long pending. But we've finally written our "About Us" page for you, who we knew would come investigating. To be honest, a story is best told in person, but that shouldn't stop us from giving it a shot. So here we go.
Zymrat is a brand built on 2 simple beliefs -
  1. Great products shouldn't cost a fortune
  2. Great products should be accessible to everyone
During 2013-16, there was a sudden surge of information around fitness and wellness. And with that came a massive amount of exposure and awareness among people. With the onset of cheap Internet, we as a country weren't far behind. We got exposed to CrossFit, Bro-Splits, Strength-Training, Conditioning, Sports-Training, Yoga, Meditation, and Pilates. Now, these weren't restricted to a selected few anymore. People from all corners of India were performing these activities to be healthy. 
What followed this was a surge in demand in our country for products that people were using across the globe. Technology-led performance wear, long-distance running shoes-people were hunting for these in every way possible. In marketplaces, shopping malls, showrooms, and online stores.
We, the first few team members of Zymrat weren't different from the pack either. We were going crazy with different activities and we were hunting for best-in-class products. Alas, on digging deeper we realized that the best-in-class products were
  1. either available in the big showrooms for blood-sucking prices (belief 1)
  2. lo and behold, some products people used globally, weren't even available in India (belief 2). Because India wasn't seen as the top market for high-end product launches.
But as far as our knowledge of our country was concerned, and our interaction with the community went, we as a country were ready for everything that was available across the world. Here, Zymrat was born.
Now you may ask, what are we doing to put our beliefs into practice! Well, we're bringing technology-led products made with the world's best fabrics at India friendly prices to you. Now you may ask again, how we’re doing it. Here is the answer to that in steps -
  1. We get the best fabrics from across the globe. Spend 3x more on our raw materials than any traditional Indian brand. The result is extremely comfortable performance wear products and athleisure.
  2. We use revolutionary technologies to make our products high performing, durable, and unique.
  3. We work with the best coaches and trainers in India to test our products, to make them better, and to spread the word about us.
  4. We deliver the products to your house, from our production unit. Without the interference of any middle-men who can inflate the prices.
  5. We run a constant loop of feedback to improve our products and innovate on technologies. We listen to what you want, to keep making world-class products right from India. 
So you see, we spend most of our resources on raw materials and technologies. We don't spend on posh mall rentals or celebrity endorsements. Because we know that it's not possible to take the fancy showrooms or the celebrity home. But what's possible is to take home the fanciest product available in the market.
And we're making sure that you do so, at the right price, delivered straight to your home. So come on, amaze yourself by giving one of our products a try.
See you on the other side of this store.
We operate on a production on demand, zero inventory model. Hence, we are also sustainable and zero waste!