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The products are good guys. This reminds me of Adidas US.

Anand Lakshminarayanan (Vice President, Flipkart Data Group)

Been using a lot of @zymratwear products for my athleisure needs lately. Works perfect for my lifestyle - great fit, anti-odour, fast sweat absorption and KILLER fabrics. They feel soft but make you go "BHOT HARD BHAI BHOT HARD"

Ranveer Allahabadia (BeerBiceps | Men's Style & Fitness)

There are brands that sell stuff And then there are some brands that go beyond and create a relationship. Tried out a few of the newly launched (and highly anticipated) activewear from @zymratwear and I am just loving them. The fabric, comfort and style, all top notch.

Pawandeep Singh (Zymrat Customer Family)

Since I've tried the new range of Zymrat products, the brand has become my new go to for fitness clothing. It is attractive, very comfortable on the skin and breathable at the same time which is an essential element for any physical activity. Specially in my line of work where i train people throughout the day, i have to keep up my appearance and ensure i am feeling good in my outfit. Happy to see an Indian brand match my expectations which only international brands could in the past.

Umar Farooq (Crossfit L2 Trainer and Functional Coach at Adidas)

In my running career of over 6 years, I was always searching for the most comfortable running apparel until I found Zymrat. It added an extra spring to my steps as it feels like an extension of my skin and doesn't cause chafing like some of the brand's I used previously. It offers value for money and is durable.

Zymrat Running T-Shirt And Shorts
Ashish Viswakumar (Marthon Runner)

I have been a big fan of zymrat from the time it started and now with their new products they have upped their game to next level 👌. What a fabulous quality clothing it is, and me being a coach who is in active wear most of the times I prefer the clothes to be light but at the same time look dashing on me and zymrat clothing suits that perfectly.

Shubhag Rao (Strength Coach and Cluster Head, Cure Fit)

Founded by two innovative, artistic and trendy individuals, Zymrat focuses on producing inspirational active wear. Having a love of modern styling,  unique premium fabrics, quality craftsmanship and great design. I've been getting good wear out of the T-shirt and Jogger pants. It's very light and soft--comfortable to wear. I shall be back as I get smaller and need new outfits. Thank you for your passion and sharing it with others.

Vaibhav Marathey (Zymrat Customer Family)

This is good. You guys have cracked it.

Amaresh Ojha (CEO, Gympik)

My Honest Opinion - they've done a damn good job. As good as Nike and Adidas in terms of quality. Material - top notch, like it'll last long. Quality - great, you can make out from the heavy duty zips they use or the feel of material on skin.

Sirhud Kalra (The Free Man)
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Unique Summer Friendly Design

Cotton touch performance fabric in unique sleeveless design to support better air flow for summer

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Products Made Of Unique Performance Fabrics For Classy Look, Performance & Comfort

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Cotton Touch Performance Fabric

"Engineering marvel in the field of athleisure"

Its cotton touch feature makes it stand out from the crowd. Its a pleasure to touch and feel & an absolute beast when it comes to performance with fast wicking, anti-odor & anti static properties.

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Plush & Light

Lightweight Plush Textured Athleisure Fabric

"Lasting impression in the first look"

With a sheen on its body and a subtle quilt texture, this fabric gives the classy look that you want. It comes with fast wicking, anti odor and fast drying properties for active lifestyle.

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Classy & Elegant

Soft Touch Performance Fabric

"No fabric better than this for outerwear"

With a stable body, all over sheen & smart melange effect, this is one of the finest selection for making jackets and bottoms look classy. It has anti odor & anti static properties for performance.

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Violet Yoke Athleisure T-Shirt With Ultra Soft Touch Neon Shoulder Panel Athleisure Shirt With Cotton Soft Touch Silver Yoke Athleisure T-Shirt With Ultra Soft Touch Charcoal Shoulder Panel Athleisure Shirt With Cotton Soft Touch Silver Future Cap Sleeve Training T-Shirt

High performance athleisure

With Cotton Touch

Made from unique performance fabrics available globally. This collection is designed to join you from gym to leisure, fluidly.

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