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I have been using zymrat since 3-4 years now. Big fan. Love the products, very stylish and comfortable. Coming to the Ball Cooling Pants - IT’S AMAZING.

SuperCotton Pullover Coconut

SuperCotton Pullover Olive

Training Shorts

Excellent after sales customer support! Didn't like what I ordered and was a bit apprehensive about returns and exchange, but was pleasantly surprised by the professional and positive response.

Worst! Poor quality

Only hype and false promises of guaranteed quality. Here is logo getting ripped in first machine wash. Poor customer service.

Great fit for a pullover

Great fit for a pullover. Launch one with a hoodie.

Very different from what I am used to from Zymrat - But great

Comfortable. Great fit. Yet to see how good the claim of SuperCotton is.


It's very nice and comfortable clothes

Top notch quality and comfort

My personal opinion.. it’s better than the bigger brands like Nike , Reebok etc in every way. Very comfortable. The fabric is excellent.

Very gud and comfortable pants

Fit is quite good

SuperVent Training Jogger Black-Mi

SuperCotton Pullover Coconut
Ravikumar Natarajan


Feels good

Quality of product is good
Fabric feel is comfortable

Centurion SuperSilva Polo T-Shirt Pastel Green

SuperCotton Pullover Blue Night

Drill-Chill All Day Shorts Charcoal
Pavan Kumar T
Always stays soldout

I have been trying product for 6 months. It always mentioned sold out. When will it be available

SuperSilva Henley Long Sleeve T-Shirt Navy

Excellent Quality

Super light and breathable

Excellent shorts for workout

these are the best shorts i have ever worn for my workout. love them. Will order more for sure.

Centurion SuperSilva Polo T-Shirt Storm Grey

Good products

Super quality of products and totally worth the prize, but limited stock of products is a total bummer. There was a model of t shirt I really liked but it didn't come back into stock ever again and removed from the list of items

Smart long sleeve t shirt..great shade of blue

Xl normally fits me fine ..but I found this a bit tight on the tummy.. May be after some usage it will fit better..
Feel of the fabric is good ..
I m happy..

Excellent clothing

I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and nice the material was. It stays on the body like a second skin, is light and comes in n exciting colours!

Highly recommended product!

Need to improve in fitting