A quick reminder to move more and watch what you are eating during this lockdown.

I have lost weight thrice or maybe even more. I remember three events precisely.

The biggest weight gain trigger happened when I was 6 years old. Years later my family and I realized that I had auto-immune Hashimotos. I lost a fair amount of this weight in early teens by riding a bicycle. That was all I knew in the name of exercise at that time. And running of course.

I gained the weight back during college. A lot of sitting around, studying, and junk food. BUT, I gained, even more, when I started working on my own as a freelancer. I was a guy earning in USD in India, living in a city full of watering holes with an enthusiastic group of friends - you get the gist. This time I bought a treadmill, found out that there is something called a gym, hit it hard, and swam regularly too. I lost more than 30 kilos.

The third time it happened was around 2016. This time I didn't even realize and just kept working day and night to keep my businesses afloat for a few months. I had the muscle mass and muscle memory from my previous gym tryst, so I got back in shape pretty fast.

Apart from the exercise, there was one thing common between all these 3 events - I ate less.

Now, irrespective of what your fitness level is, realize that your metabolism would have taken a hit during this lockdown, because of less movement than usual.

I realized this in the first week of the lockdown itself. The regular amount of food just didn't feel right. It had to be less. So now I have brought it down to a small breakfast + 1 meal a day. It's perfect for now.

Everyone's requirement is different but everyone is under lockdown as well.

Remember to move more inside the house and watch what you are eating. You will thank yourself later.

I am doing 100 burpees every day for a 30-day challenge currently with a 20-minute early morning mobility routine. I am on day 14th as of now.

Send me an email at ujjawal@zymrat.com if you want any information regarding daily workouts or if you are looking for an accountability partner to remind you to move more and eat less :)