Beyond workouts and eating well at home during COVID-19

Hey folks, we hope you all are handling your time well and making the most of the lockdown during COVID-19 in India.

Well, we aren't sending daily emails or posting Instagram stories/posts because we know that every entity is doing it already and you don't need one more brand to tell you how to fight this situation and distract you from daily rituals.

Having known, spoken to or seen a lot of our users, followers, and friends on Instagram, Facebook, Email and other channels, we feel privileged to be associated with you, who is self-aware and disciplined enough to be spending the lockdown time wisely, in the form of eating well, moving and creating something new every day.

We are trying to only come in when we see an opportunity to create value for you through live workouts/sessions/posts with one of the experts, especially if it is not being done elsewhere, or when we experience something so euphoric personally within the team that we believe it must be shared with everyone.

Last few weeks have been difficult for all of us, and what we've realized and experience is that in addition to working out and watching what we eat, there are a few more actionable things that can practically make your quarantine time easy and friendly -

  1. Hydrate - Drink more water. Water is calming, soothing, and sweet. Not drinking enough water doesn't only keep you feeling hungry but also makes you restless and anxious. Drink water to feel good and fulfilled.

  2. Sleep well - You must get 7-8 hrs of sleep no matter what. Even if you are 100% stay at home, it is more important than ever to sleep well at night, so that you can restart every day recharged and full of energy. It will keep you from feeling drained and restless. Remember, you don't get rest only by staying at home, but you get to rest and recharge by sleeping. 

  3. Break from electronics - With trillions of minutes of content available on our fingertips, and the extra time saved by not having to drive, walk, run, commute to our offices, colleges or schools, our TV and mobile consumption times are through the roof. We aren't even going to point out the eye strain, because it could be temporary and could be fixed with sleep, but the overall impact of consuming non-stop content in silence on your mental health and anxiety levels could be long-lasting. Even if you are spending the time on the screen creating something, answering emails, and working, take a 20-30 mins break every couple of hours. It will do wonders for your sleep and the mental state later.

  4. Ideate & create - There hasn't been a better time than this to discuss and work on your long lost crazy idea. If you know someone who can add value to your idea, pick up the phone and talk to them. Or if you already know how to execute it, work on it for 30-45 mins. You cannot comprehend the peace that working on something new brings to you without actually have experienced it. It could be as simple as learning a new musical instrument, writing a story, learning a new physical movement, or creating the next billion-dollar app.

  5. Talk, listen & give - If you are sitting in silence for hours by yourself, talk to someone and hear their story out. Or tell them yours. Talking and listening are the magic pill that we all need right now. You wouldn't know what someone could be going through unless you speak to them. It doesn't always have to negative. Your dearest friend/colleague could be writing the next best novel right now, but you will know only if you speak to them. So talk to others and find inspiration, or give your positive energy. And this goes without saying, help those who are in need. Help & and gratitude are the highest form of thought.

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