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Beyond workouts and eating well at home during COVID-19
Hey folks, we hope you all are handling your time well and making the most of the lockdown during COVID-19 in India. Well, we aren't sending daily emails or posting Instagram stories/posts because we know that every entity is doing...
Our 2 Year Break Amidst The Rise Of Athleisure Trend - Part 2
Hey, good to see you again. If you are here, then I believe you have already read part 1 of this article. If not, then you can do so quickly by clicking here. We were 3 days into our hiatus...
Our 2 Year Break Amidst The Rise Of Athleisure Trend - Part 1
The next line about our business will blow your mind. As a company, the last product that we sold was in the summer of 2017. Yes, it has been 2 years since we made a sale. Photo by Jose Fontano...
Workout Ep.3 - Variations of Push-up
  Are you tired of doing the same old push-up everyday? We've got something to spice it up! Here's our strength and conditioning coach, Shubhag, explaining the different variations and methods on how to do push ups.  1 Wide Hand...
Workout Ep.2 - How to do a Power Clean
  You ask what a "Power Clean" is? The "Power Clean" is an olympic weight lifting explosive exercise. It is a great workout for your whole body. It is an advanced and technical exercise consisting of various drills to get...
Top 4 things to eat/drink on a date while on a diet
  When you go for a date (awww !!) , you do not want to mess up things especially worrying about your food.  So here are our top 4 food items to try if you are worried about too many calories:...
4 Biggest Misconceptions About Exercises
  We overhear a lot of misconceptions regarding exercises and physical workouts. We heard them 10 years back and we keep hearing about them even today. Let’s debunk the myths one by one. Exercise makes you bulky : The excuse...
Gym Beginners. Here are a few tips especially for you !
   Be easy on yourself: When you are starting off in a gym for your first ever workout, the most important thing to do is to go easy. Your aim might be just to lose weight or achieve a perfect...
Do you need personal trainer for workout !
  It is important for us to go on regular workout sessions to achieve our fitness goals. Ideally a personal trainer can be of great help if they workout with us and push us further. Having a personal trainer helps...
Did having breakfast everyday change my fitness and gym routine!
Are you a no breakfast person as well? If yes, then you are like me and you must read this blog to know what my experience was when I started having breakfast after many years.
Does your gym playlist make a difference!
Do you listen to music in the gym? Here we write about how your music selection can make a real difference in your workout. While there are evergreen classics like Lose Yourself by Eminem that make into everyone's gym playlist, there are also a lot of new electronic tracks that a lot of people prefer. Read the blog to know what we are listening to and how different genres can make for different kind of workouts.
How to stay motivated for gym past the first few days of excitement
So you finally started working out after weeks of contemplation. But after the first week, you are tired, sore and your bed seems to calling your name. You know that going to gym will get you fit, but you are not able to find the drive. So what do you do? Read the blog to know how to stay motivated for gym after first few days!
A sample workout routine for busy people
Are you a busy human being, a student, a business man, a manager, a startup owner, an entrepreneur, a mom or a dad who doesn't get time to workout or go to the gym 6 times a week. Well, I was in the same boat and I have figured out a great way to keep working out without compromising with my work. Read the blog post to know how I did it as a owner of 2 startups.
Morning Wokrouts vs Afternoon Workouts - My Experience
I recently switched from afternoon workouts to early morning workouts and it has brought significant changes in my life. Read the blog to know what my gym experience was when I was trying out different times for my workout and what workout time I chose to continue with.
Workout Ep.1 - HIIT workout for fat loss
  HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training has the amazing potential to burn the maximum amount of calories in the least amount of time. HIIT workouts have started to become quite the trend here in India and the rest of...
Zymrat Activewear Update #1
  First of all thanks to everyone who has ever supported Zymrat in any form, either by buying our products, following us on social media channels or by sending us supportive messages. We cannot be more thankful. Tanuj, Pawandeep, Gaurav...
Not A Fable : Story About Girish R. Gowda's Fight With Cancer And His Journey To Indian Kickboxing Glory
"The rule doesn't change whether you are inside the ring or outside. And the rule is to never give up." Last week we posted a sneak peek of the video that we have made with Girish R Gowda, and thanks...
6 Things I noticed when I cut down my portions
Did you recently start dieting? Then you are in my shoes.
5 Easy Yoga Poses to practice on Yoga day

Whether or not you practice Yoga regularly, these 5 asanas are so easy that you will definitely give them a try.

Read the full post to learn the easy asanas.

5 Fun Yoga facts on Yoga Day
Yoga Day is right around the corner. Read the blog to know 5 fun facts about Yoga.
Party Smart This New Year's Eve
If you are going out with friends or family to a party in which alcoholic beverages are a big part, and you know that you are going to drink, then the best thing is to be smart about it. Read the blog to learn smart partying.