Do you need personal trainer for workout !


It is important for us to go on regular workout sessions to achieve our fitness goals. Ideally a personal trainer can be of great help if they workout with us and push us further.

Having a personal trainer helps in converting inconsistent and unstructured workout into a proper routine. When you have no idea how to have a good body posture or how to schedule your workouts, the trainer is a boon.

But not all trainers are concerned with shaping us and motivating us on a daily basis. The problem starts when we become totally dependent on the trainers for our goals. We need to understand that not all trainers are experts of human anatomy. They might know a lot of things but they won’t know your body history or ailments you have, unless of course you tell them.

Sometimes people themselves do not know if they are suffering from a health issue. It is advisable to get health checkups done on a regular basis for common diseases and health scares. Otherwise working out in an already dysfunctional body will do more harm than good.

Other problem is the routine that the trainers set. It might work in the beginning, but there are people who have worked out for years with personal trainers without any significant change.  One has to know and understand their own limits and ways to become healthier. Everyone’s routine and lifestyle is different.

A few trainers might also try to sell you protein powders and other supplements. Protein does help you but protein is not a magic potion that will make you healthier. Do some macronutrient research and find out your protein requirement before jumping into any kind of supplementation.

Knowing  what works best for your body is the best solution towards being fit. There is no one rule fits all. If you know the workouts well, you can give your trainer a goodbye and try it for yourself.

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