Does your gym playlist make a difference!

Music, in general, is a very personal and opinionated thing.

It completely depends on the individual in question and his taste dominates every other factor of choice.

When it comes to the gym and working out, music does play a rather significant role in giving you that extra pump or motivation. This music that gets you energized obviously false into different types of genres, but, they all have one thing in common, it is all fast or upbeat music. Studies have shown that high pace music helps with increasing reps, Keep track of reps and in generally keep you well motivated for the session.

It is near to impossible to work out to slow or romantic music.

For starters, it doesn’t get your mind and senses excited enough. Excitement is the single most important factor when it comes to workout music. This in music terms is called BPM (Beats per minute). In general, Hip hop, heavy rock, house music, trap music and most pop numbers have pretty high BPM. That mean the music is fast and crisp. This helps you be distracted from the fatigue and stress that sometimes accompany working out, especially in a good cardio session.

High BPM songs are not always good, especially when heavy lifting is in question.

High BPM music may get you too excited and this may be a danger leading to bad form and chances of injury. What you need for a good lifting session is a well spaced heavy bass beats to help you count your reps and take time to get your form right.

Music can do wonders.

It can give you and insane boost of energy when you feel like you are almost burnt out helping you inch higher in those reps or cardio times. Most importantly, choosing songs you already know the rhythm and words to will also help you stay pumped. Lip singing along or singing in your mind completely keeps your mind occupied and lets your body push that much more harder than before.

Another important thing to remember is not to let the songs become too much of second nature as you will fall back in the rut of things and completely stop noticing the songs. For this not to happen, add more unfamiliar songs to your playlist. You wont get the full boost you want at first as you’re unfamiliar with the songs but in time you’ll know the rhythm and words and that’ll help you stay on the session a bit longer.

Here are some some songs that make into our playlists more often than not in 2018 -

  1. Lose Yourself - Eminem: This one is a classic and a favorite in the gym for good reason. This hip hop classic is high paced, has great rises and falls and has really good motivational lyrics to keep us on that session for that much more longer.
  2. Smell Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana: This is another cult classic of more rock and roll type. This is a high energy screamer from Nirvana and will get your heart beat up in a gif. This type of song is exactly what you want for a good cardio session.
  3. A Different Way – Lauv: This one is a upbeat pop number from lauv and it has good range of BPM going on. It’s much smoother on the ear compared to the above two and is a great option for you really aren’t into rap or rock.
  4. Dusk Till Dawn – Sia and Zayn: Dusk till dawn is a pop number brought to you by Sia and Zayn, both beautiful voices in the pop industry. The song is peppy and full of life and will give you a great boosted session.
  5. Friends(Beau Collins remix) – Justin Beiber: This is another high energy pop number from Beiber and Beau. It’s high energy and has a good BPM flow going on. Great for cardio or abs workout.
  6. Dreamer – Axwell: Dreamer by Axwell is a great number for the gym. It starts out slow and builds up to a very high energy chorus helping you gradually push harder at the gym. Great beats too for those rep counts.
  7. Stranger Things – Kygo And One Republic: This is another great pop number for the gym. It has a good flow with great rises and falls of BPM and helps you keep that moderation in speed your workout.

There are many more brilliant songs and epic genres that are just perfect for the gym. And like I said, music is a very personal thing and everyone’s got their own taste, but I’m sure you’ll find something interesting for you in the above list. And keep you mind open to different genres. You’ll never know if you’ll start liking them or not. 

Photo Credit: Matthew Henry

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