Gym Beginners. Here are a few tips especially for you !


  1.  Be easy on yourself: When you are starting off in a gym for your first ever workout, the most important thing to do is to go easy. Your aim might be just to lose weight or achieve a perfect body, or to be like your role model. Everything is possible if you work hard, but you need to follow a routine and have patience for that.
  1.  Create a workout plan: It might not be easy to create a workout plan especially if you are doing exercise for the first time. But, in this age of internet do not go to the gym blindly. Do some research, talk to your friends who are already investing their time in fitness.
  1.  Exercise alone does not help: Yes, we do want to achieve a great physique, but exercise without proper nutrition is not going to make a very significant difference in our body. Start watching what you consume and its effect on your body.
  1. Have short term goals: Deciding on short term goals is very effective. Instead of focussing on losing 30 kgs of weight in 6 months, focus on losing 3 kgs of weight every month. This will help in achieving a part of your big goal and you can also analyze whether the current set of exercises and food is helping you or you need to alter it. It is because, as you progress you will find that a new routine might work better for you than the existing one.
  1.  Investing in gym shoes and clothes: Well, investing in a good pair of shoes is essential for the type of workout that you are doing. But before buying a very expensive pair of shoes at the beginning, you could buy a regular running shoe, start your workout and once you find your niche you can go ahead and buy a shoe specific to your needs for example squat shoes. If you are looking for cool workout clothes, check our website Zymrat.

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