Morning Wokrouts vs Afternoon Workouts - My Experience

If there was ever an award for “The best time to go to the gym”, it will clearly go to the afternoons.

Post 12pm, the gyms are like heaven. There are 0 to handful of people working out, the weights are in order, the music and volume can be customized based on personal preference, the trainers are free, the equipments are chilling. Everything is peaceful.

That is why 2pm-3pm has always been my preferred workout time; until I tried the mornings.

Let me tell you upfront that morning workouts are difficult, especially because I need to wake up earlier than I am used to.

Depending on whether I want to workout at 6am or 7am, I have to wake up at least 1 hour early to get used to the day before I head to the gym.

This just kills me.

Compare waking up at 5 am to waking up at 8 am. The latter sounds so much fun. And then I can have my tea/coffee, I can have my breakfast, finish of at least 20% of the work for the day before I head to the gym. This sounds like a perfect routine, and it has been treating me well for years.

But once I have conquered the first step of waking up, everything else is smooth.

And while I might hate waking up so early in the morning, there is one thing that I can never have enough of -

The Energy.

The energy that I feel for the entire day after an early morning workout is incomparable.

When I used to go to gym in afternoon, I could workout for hours without any interruption. But I used to get pretty drained after the workout. I felt sleepy and tired.

Morning workouts are completely different. In the beginning I was scared that it will leave me sleepy for the entire day and will affect my work schedule and efficiency, but it does exactly opposite of what I thought.

But contrary to what I believed, it makes me more energetic and efficient. And I have so much more time now.

TLDR: Morning workouts are great!

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