Top 4 things to eat/drink on a date while on a diet


When you go for a date (awww !!) , you do not want to mess up things especially worrying about your food. 

So here are our top 4 food items to try if you are worried about too many calories:

Ice tea : Yes, ice tea is really good. You can tell the staff to lessen the sweet syrup too so you can go all less calorie.


Chinese Dumplings : Steamed dumplings are the way to go. It is non-messy and oh so tasty.


Diet Soft drink : Easily available even if you go for a movie date.


Salad :Yes, the salad that you get in a restaurant is loaded with heavy dressing, but who is asking you to finish it to the last bite. Share the salad and the love.

Well, it is not restricted to whatever mentioned above, you can definitely explore various food items that you can try. We would however recommend, to go somewhere where you know the calories, places that have nutrition guide. You can check out their sites beforehand.

And most importantly, share the food. It shows affection (unless the other person doesn't want to). 

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