COVID-19 Pledge

We are pledging 2% of our sales to COVID relief funds.

Strength and Resilience. These two words are very important to overcome the devastating effects of the pandemic around us.

As the crisis is cracking up our country, there is a need for collective stand from every individual to get India across this merciless phase.

Every drop forms to be an ocean. Similarly, every single effort in contribution towards covid-19 relief fund counts.

We, as a young Indian start-up, have pledged to make a difference and aid our brothers and sisters suffering out there due to a lack of resources.

While we are a young and small business, we want to do everything possible in our capacity to help. Hence, we are contributing a humble 2% of our total earnings from the sales in April and May 2021 to organizations as listed on this link-

We are hoping that this gesture of ours will inspire more people and more brands to contribute.

If you want to contibute more in individual capacity, then we request you to visit the link given above and donate. Every drop counts.

After every sunset, there is a beautiful sunrise.

The night is here but the morning isn’t far away.

Stay Strong. Stay Resilient. Stay Active.