Pre Orders Live Now

Hey folks, hope you all are doing fine and healthy.

We sincerely want to thank each and every one of you, who has chosen to support Zymrat in their own way, by either trying one of our products, or by following us on social media, or by reading our emails, or by telling your friends and family about us.

The year 2020 has been the most unique ride we have ever taken as a company, but surprisingly enough, amidst all the chaos and unhappenings happening around us, 2020 has also been our strongest year so far in terms of your support. We saw constant support in terms of reviews, feedback and product purchases.

This has made us more diciplined and motivated than ever before to bring the best possible products from across the world to you.

If you have been reading our blogs, you would have an idea that we moved our production to India from another country, and now we are proudly made in land and soil of Bangalore. This is a huge deal for us as an Indian brand.

It took us a while to get the engines rolling, but the wait has been worthwhile.

We have outdone ourselves with the new line of products, and the good news is that they have just gone live for pre orders in time before the new year clocks in.

A couple of important points that you should note about pre-orders -


  1. We are opening the pre orders to a very limited set of people. The people who we believe are special and should be given early access to our products.
  2. We will be taking limited number of pre orders.
  3. All pre orders will be fulfilled as soon as we are ready. The tentative date of shipping is after 15th of January 2021.
  4. Pre orders can be placed only using online payment method.

Our reason to start pre orders for the first time is that we run out of high selling products faster than we can refill them because of high demand of our products, and this time we didn't want our best users to miss on those lovely shorts and joggers in whatever size they want at any cost :)

So go on, place your pre order today, and allow us some time to deliver awesomeness to your place.

Your support to us matters.