Return Policy

Do not worry. We've a 10 day risk free trial. Yes, you hear that right, 10 days.

Once your product has been delivered, you have 10 days to try the product. In case you face any issue related to the product, just reach out to us on or drop a DM to us on Facebook or Instagram and one of us will be right on to it.

Size Change - If the product is tight or lose for your fit, and you want to replace it with a size bigger or smaller, we will immediately dispatch the right size after we have received the message/email from you. And we will also arrange for the pickup of the incorrect size from your place free of cost :)

Refund: If you are not comfortable with the product and you want to return it back to us and get a 100% refund, we will do that too. If you send us an email with request for return, we will pickup the product from your place and we will issue you a 100% refund through a link. The pickup and refund process in total takes up to 5 working days to get completed.

Offer: In case you’ve purchased 2 short sleeve t-shirts for Rs.1999, and return 1 t-shirt, you’ll be charged the full amount for the t-shirt you keep and will receive only the remaining amount as a refund.

Example- If you have purchased the following two short sleeves tees for Rs.1999

  1. Practice Tee - Rs.1249
  2. On-The-Move Tee - Rs.1099

If you decide on returning On-The-Move tee, you will be charged the full value of Practice Tee i.e. Rs.1249, and will receive only Rs.750 > 1999-1249 = 750

For any order or product related queries, we are always available on email and social media handles to help you. Reach out to us without hesitation.