Kill the Odor! That’s our warcry.


Because we can’t see you workout in tees that stink. Wonder where that stink comes from? Yes, it’s your sweat induced t-shirt that doesn’t kill the bacteria.


Do you know - the bacteria effortlessly breaks your sweat in odor causing acids? That results in stink. How comfortable would the person next to you be?


Probably, they’d ask you to take a bath first. But the string of thoughts in their mind would say, ‘YOU STINK.’


That’s where we come in. SUPERSILVA Zero Odor T-Shirt has real silver ions applied uniformly that kills the bacteria immediately. No bacteria results in zero odor.


Moreover, the fabric has been engineered to be incredibly durable.


In simple terms, your detergent might exhaust, but the exceptional features along with the silver ions won’t wash away.

What is SuperSilva?

SuperSilva is an advanced engineered fabric treated with real sustainable silver ions. Simple.

Why is it important?

Traditionally, brands have used nanotechnology to introduce silver into fabrics. However, this technique has been proven to be ineffective due to non uniform application on fabrics. This technique also has a detrimental effect on the environment, as the anti microbial silver treatment drifts away into water bodies during washes.


We have changed that with Supersilva using polymer silver, which is applied uniformly on the fabric and provides complete protection against the bacteria, resulting in zero odor. The technology involved in crafting this marvel retains the silver ion on the garment for more than 50 washes and keeps your activewear odor free. Its non-leaching science also makes is safe and sustainable for the environment.

But what can it achieve for you?

Permanent odor removal and much much much more. ‘Much’ was a bit deliberate there.


But what are tall claims if we have no ground to prove them?


So, we wanted to test it out for you, thoroughly. We pitched two fabrics against each other. One with a run-of-the-mill fabric that has day-to-day anti-microbial and anti-odor properties and the other with SuperSilva fabric.


We put those two fabrics through their most difficult times. T-shirts from those two fabrics were worn by two participants for 7 days straight with an hour of rigorous exercise every day. T-shirts were just air-dried and there wasn’t any washing involved. And the T-shirts were then soiled with milk. Post that, both of them were washed 50 times with detergent.


Participants returned the shirts, and three trained odor panelists evaluated the odor.


While the regular T-shirt smelled like vomit, bitter, stale, and feet, SuperSilva T-shirt on the other hand smelled sweet, fresh, and clean. So, when we say permanent odor removal, we actually mean it.


Let’s explain the science behind it to you.


To further support this, holistic odor control, gas chromatography (GC) techniques, and sensory tests were introduced to assess the silver-polymer complex’s effectiveness at controlling and neutralizing malodors.


You should know that odor is caused due to microorganisms. It happens when the bacteria break down the acids in your sweat.


Silver is a well-known tri-modal bactericide. Silver binds to bacterial DNA preventing replication. It even binds to select odors, giving it the added functionality of an odor absorber.


Hence, silver prevents odors before they are produced. Moreover, silver is a Lewis acid, and functions as an odor neutralizer, absorbing critical odors produced outside the fabric.


At the same time, we have added the distinct properties of anti-static, soft touch, and moisture wicking to SuperSilva. Hence, we have created a unique blend of fabric that empowers you to be the best version of yourself.


Innovation & Technology stands at the forefront of Zymrat’s core. Rest assured, SuperSilva is power-packed with performance technology for you. If you are someone who exercises regularly and sweating is a constant happening, look no further, SuperSilva is the one for you. It is a must if you are looking for training & workout t-shirts.

So wear the silver where it actually matters. Get your pieces now!