The Ball Cooling Explained

What is The Ball Cooling?



We won’t judge you if this was your first reaction. Who actually names their fabric 'Ball Cooling?' Well, you are in for a massive surprise. The fabric literally does what the name suggests, i.e. cooling your balls.


Let’s walk through your workout session. Every rep is followed by a constant adjustment of your shorts and joggers. Pulling the fabric between your legs just so that your balls can breathe is a normal occurrence that we conveniently ignore. That’s a bro code. 


We don’t judge, you see!

But how can we make a difference?

We engineered a new fabric that’s ahead of its time. Features that you didn’t know you needed were meticulously added. All of it, just to cool your balls. When the decision came to name it, we couldn’t think of anything better than, ‘The Ball Cooling (TBC) Fabric.’

But what can ‘The Ball Cooling' fabric do for you apart from the obvious?

Lots and lots and a lot more things. The 3D knitting technology blended in The Ball Cooling allows the air to flow, thus making the fabric more breathable. Moreover, it doesn't stick anywhere, either to your skin or to your balls. Along with that, it creates mini air pockets that help in thermoregulation.

What is Thermoregulation?

Thermoregulation means regulating the temperature. The shorts, joggers and pants made of The Ball Cooling fabric using 3D knitting technology create small air pockets. This gives way for greater heat dissipation. That, in return, makes you cool, after a sweaty workout. Because exercise is an intense activity that produces heat. The Ball Cooling fabric solves this problem of heat dissipation through thermoregulation.

The Ball Cooling fabric also has a unique blend of properties like 

  • Antimicrobial, that demolishes any bacteria that try to break your sweat into odor. No more stink after a workout. 
  • Anti-Static, which eliminates the static charges with resultant spark caused due to friction between your skin and fabric.
  • Ultralight makes you swift and agile. Now no weight will pull you down when you want to level up your workouts.
  • No shrinkage, color fade, and fuzz balls after regular washes.

So give your balls the true freedom they deserve. Get your pieces now.