Workout Ep.1 - HIIT workout for fat loss


HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training has the amazing potential to burn the maximum amount of calories in the least amount of time. HIIT workouts have started to become quite the trend here in India and the rest of the world.The complete idea of a HIIT workout is that you do short periods of Intense workout like high knees etc which is followed by short periods of rest. This makes your body work harder in a controlled way, thus helping you burn Fat.

On this Episode of "Workout with Shubhag", Shubhag Rao​ takes you through SIX HIIT workouts or 6 stations that'll give you a good thorough workout which will keep your heart pounding and your body fat on the run!

This workout includes:

1. High-Knees

2. Push-Press

3. Push-up, Pull-up

4.Mountain Climber

5. 25 Meter Sprint

6. Plank Reach

40 seconds of workout and 20 minutes rest is the key. Repeat each 3 times and you are done for the day! Enjoy!

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