Not A Fable : Story About Girish R. Gowda's Fight With Cancer And His Journey To Indian Kickboxing Glory

"The rule doesn't change whether you are inside the ring or outside. And the rule is to never give up."

Last week we posted a sneak peek of the video that we have made with Girish R Gowda, and thanks to the sheer grit that Girish's story has, the video was watched 10000 times and it was shared by almost 200 people. And now we are bringing you the full story.

Before officially interviewing Girish for the video, we met him casually in the gym where he works as a trainer. His eyes were a little swollen and red that day which left us worried; but only for a little moment. As soon as he started speaking about the fight he has put, we were left awestruck.

Stories like these are not made by chance. They are made only when the hero of the story is a force to be reckoned with. When Girish was medically diagnosed with Cancer for the first time, he didn't cry. He instead asked the doctor how can he be cured. His family was left broken. They used to cry behind his back, but soon they came under the light of Girish's positivity and energy and realised that life cannot mess around with their son, and they can help him by being strong, not weak.

It was Girish's will which kept his family together. And through this video our mission is to bring you the same energy and positivity and spread it to as far as possible.

Imagine the man who was fighting for his life few months ago on a hospital bed, practising kickboxing inside a ring and preparing for a championship in less that a year from his life threatening battle. It is nothing less than a script on which movies are made.

Hear the story from the man himself in this video and share it with everyone to spread the light. Girish R Gowda - you are the true champion.

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