Zymrat Activewear Update #1


First of all thanks to everyone who has ever supported Zymrat in any form, either by buying our products, following us on social media channels or by sending us supportive messages. We cannot be more thankful.

Tanuj, Pawandeep, Gaurav and everyone else who put their trust on us by using our products, you guys are special.

We realise that we haven't launched a new product in quite a while. So we wanted to take some time and give everyone update on what has been happening at Zymrat.

When we launched for the first time, it was a great feeling. And when we saw people using our product, the feeling was intensified. Seeing people wearing our products, we realised that now it is our duty to give even better product to everyone, and that is what has been happening at Zymrat.

In the last few months, we have grown as a team and experts from different fields related to fitness and fashion have joined hands with us. All of us together are working day and night to make sure that we make products which become a non-negotiable part of your wardrobe.

Watch the video to get more updates on what we are doing. We will update you frequently on zymrat's journey and products. Keep watching the space. Thanks.

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