4 Biggest Misconceptions About Exercises

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We overhear a lot of misconceptions regarding exercises and physical workouts. We heard them 10 years back and we keep hearing about them even today. Let’s debunk the myths one by one.

Exercise makes you bulky : The excuse number one that each of us must have heard is that exercise makes you bulky and full of muscles. Like that was so easy to build muscles !

Building muscles requires the combination of three things - a lot of time, patience and hard work. It is not easy to build muscle without training hard and eating right. It takes months and years of perseverance. Unless you have godly blessed genes, growing muscle take quite a work. Without working hard and taking care of diet along with it, it is tough to get those bulging muscles.

Short workouts are useless :  The second most common misconception after ‘being bulky’ is that exercises of short duration are of no use. This is because we tend to skip workouts when we are short of time. Each workout is effective if we do it the right way. A simple 10 minute HIIT routine can take our breath away if done properly. There are ways to squeeze effective diets in a short 30-minute or a 45-minute workout. Add core exercises with a mix of cardio, and those 30 minutes will feel like forever. Make it count because small or big, every workout results towards your fitness goal.

Hiring a personal trainer will make me lose weight : Hiring a personal trainer and actually thinking that the trainer will make you fit and toned is fooling yourself. Trainers train with you on certain days of the week. To get the best results, you have to train and eat right all the remaining days to really achieve the goals. There are other factors to be considered here. Your trainer might not know your physical stamina or other health issues. Get yourself tested for common health ailments and disclose them so the trainer can work with you to align your workout respectively. Other than that, a trainer is also human. He/she might have achieved the same goals with a certain set of workout routine with a different client but might not be able to get the same result in your case due to various health factors. Read more about this here.

500 Calorie burning exercise will burn 500 calories :  We see a lot of videos these days with headings as 300, 500 or even a 1000 calorie burn exercise routine. But are you really burning those many calories. Everyone’s stamina is different and burning calories depends on how intense you are doing the workouts. Therefore a less intense routine of the same workout might burn a 150 calories in total for you. If you keep your pace same as the instructor, you might actually burn 500 calories.

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