6 Things I noticed when I cut down my portions

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Like most people out there, I too enjoy gushing my face with a lot of food. Huge portions of rice or roti and a lot of crunchy snacks filled my diet. It was starting to feel natural to eat insane quantities of food, especially for dinner. The weighing scale slowly creeping up really didn’t bother me much nor was I too regular checking my weight. I always thought I was under two-digit numbers. I always thought I was in control and I was only a little heavier than my “designated” margin. This all changed when I, out of curiosity one fine morning, stepped on the scale and it read three-digit numbers. This caught me by surprise and shattered my arrogance. It was time to get my health and weight back on track. Let’s get to real meat and potatoes of this article now. These are the ten things I noticed when I cut down on my portions.

  1. Hunger level: I never wanted to diet. Didn’t even want to attempt it. I always thought if I’d try dieting, I’d be always hungry and grumpy and eventually I would break the diet and gush my face with food even more. Anyway, that’s the myth I always believed in. I’m so happy that I’m wrong and the myth stayed a myth. Reducing my portions of food not only reduces my total calorie intake but surprisingly keeps me feeling full and energetic. Managing my portions have helped me keep my hunger right in check and not like I’m going to explode any minute.
  2. Water Intake: Since I’ve started to control my food intake, whenever I start to feel even a little hungry, I make sure I drink a full glass of water. It genuinely helps. It also helps me keep fresh. They say a person should at least have 14 glasses of water a day. I’ve never really been able to drink that much water. Still, whatever water I consume helps me keep fresh and hydrated. Also, water is a good way to detox.
  3. Craving: Now this is something I’ve always been worried about. This one thing can destroy your complete attempt of dieting and there’s only one simple answer on how to beat cravings. Eat it, but in moderation. Yes, it’s going to bring more calories into the system, but, once you get what you wanted to eat, the craving is out of your system and that helps you keep more focus on that you’re eating the following days. But don’t make this a habit. Eating what you crave once in a while also helps you feel good and less strangled. One thing I also do is I try and keep my self away from looking at food pictures and videos on Instagram. Trust me, that helps.
  4. Taste: This is odd and new to me. Toning down on my portions have some how made me enjoy the food I eat more than ever. I feel like each time I sit down to eat, subconsciously, my mind tries to maximize the taste of the food consumed. This is honestly awesome and I feel more happy and content after every meal compared to before.
  5. Will Power: This was news to me. I never honestly thought I could pull of a “diet” for this long, three weeks to be precise. But since I started, I’ve noticed that subconsciously, I’ve been reducing my portions every time I take the plate in my hand. I didn’t take any drastic portion control in the first week. I took it slow, constantly trying to reduce the size of my portions day by day. And its worked. It honestly is an amazing feeling.
  6. Weight Loss : The best part of the last three weeks has been standing on the scale and seeing a noticeable difference every single day. I also started exercising for the last three weeks and with all the inputs from working out and keeping track on what and how much I eat, I have reduced from a hundred and eleven to hundred and five point four in three weeks. This honestly feels amazing and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

You really don’t have to follow any fancy diet. Just keep an eye on what you are eating and that should work fine. You can slowly improve on portion control and try and incorporate new and healthy eats to that diet. You’ll feel great and full of energy. Trust me, it works.

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  • Saravanan

    Fantastic, Vyshnav. Every point here is meaningful and doable. I liked the “water intake” ,which I always miss. I hardly take 3 to 4 glasses of water everyday.

    Cheer up, buddy. You will make it.

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