The High Road

Up and running, even during 9 to 5!

Some quick tips and practical insights to maintain mobility while sitting in office. Taking small walk breaks, controlling the caffeine intake, remembering to drink water and regulating the stress.

Delving deep into sleep hygiene

How sleeping patterns and few routine practices can give way to a healthier lifestyle. The necessity of ample rest and recharging of body for improved activity.

Settling The Debate - Early risers vs Night owls
While both have their perks, there has been a stern debate whether you should you rise early or burn the midnight oil? So let’s settle the debate.
How exercise builds better immunity
Immunity was the primary health concern for many people during this pandemic. But did you know, you already possess the guide to a better immune system?
Dress for the Occasion! How clothes can make or break your workout
Clothes are just as important for your workouts as anything else. Be it yoga or running or weight training, here is what you should be wearing for maximum performance.
Ikigai: The secret Japanese lifestyle to living healthy
Ikigai is the Japanese concept of living a long and healthy life, a major factor alongside a good diet that plays a role in many Okinawa natives living for over 100 years.
The Ultimate Workout Playlist - Indian Edition
How important is music to your workout? Be it the peppy beats or the rhythm of the drums, each of us haves our own preference and thereby, a personal workout playlist.
5 small changes that will improve your lifestyle
All of us want a healthy lifestyle. However, most of us are not willing to do what is needed to achieve it. For some, it takes away “me time” while for others, it hampers their “happening” life.