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Dancing the calories away

Taking a break from tedious gym workouts and longs runs once in a while with dance fitness to keep exercising along with some fun. Groups sessions get even more motivating by keeping the energy boosted up and grooving on some popular song numbers

IPL 2020 - Breaking down the peak fitness moments
We have all been watching the IPL 2020 season with great enthusiasm as it is one of the first sports in India to be screened, post the coronavirus pandemic. However, it is not just our favorite Team India captain who keeps fit but also many other players. Here are the top 4 fittest moments from this year's IPL.
Now or Never - Is it too late to start lifting weights
Strength training is the most effective way to build strength and even lose weight. We previously even spoke about how strength training can be done at home without lifting any weights. It has an immense number of benefits and is...
Are supplements necessary to achieve fitness goals?
We previously spoke about how important protein is, irrespective of consumption in a snack or meal form. Some of us have a very athletic lifestyle which means that we require more protein than the average, sedentary person. However, eating protein...
How much of fitness and exercise is actually psychological?
Well defined muscles, trimmed waistline & six pack abs are not all that we gain from regular exercise. Certainly, exercise adds years to our life and has a plethora of physical health benefits but it also positively impacts our mental...
The Golden Rules for Weight Loss and Weight Gain
Do you remember your New Year’s resolutions? You may have made up the decision to lose the extra weight to get in shape for summer, or even for better health in general. However, we fall prey to the many lies...
Eating Fit - Salads
We previously busted all the myths on salads and how they are one of the most beneficial additions to a balanced diet. But you may be wondering what makes a good salad? We spoke to our favorite coach Shubhag Rao...
Now or Never - Is it too late to start yoga?
We previously read how yoga is for everyone. However, every exercise has some limitations when it comes to the older age groups. Though there is no age limit to start working out, it is always better to be prepared than...
Inactive to athletic - Nivas' inspiring story on how fitness changed his life.
We saw many ways to keep fit during the lockdown like Calisthenics, HIIT and strength training without weights at home. We became fitter due to the lack of fast food options, work from home and zero commute which allows more...
Dress for the Occasion! How clothes can make or break your workout
Clothes are just as important for your workouts as anything else. Be it yoga or running or weight training, here is what you should be wearing for maximum performance.
Acroyoga - Adding fun to your yoga
Acroyoga has seen increased participation in India in the past five years. Susheel mentions that in his five years of Acroyoga practice, he has seen many people taking up this exercise form to improve their health.
Home Workout of The Week - Strength Training without weights
Is strength training always about lifting weights? Can you increase your muscle mass without weights? All your questions answered along with a sample workout plan for beginners.
HIIT - The gamechanger for your fitness
High intense workouts are associated with lifting heavy weights with maximum effort or running the fastest you possibly can.
Is Yoga For You? All Your Questions Answered!
Meditation and yoga both have huge impacts on the mind and the body. When done regularly, not only they make your physique more attractive, flexible and balanced but give you spiritual benefits as well.