10 travel precautions for a post COVID vacation

One thing that we all will agree on is that the idea of travelling has forever changed in our heads owing to COVID-19 pandemic. Not that we would not plan a trip but there will be a bunch of other precautions to be kept in mind. For the sake of our own selves as well as the ones around us. And we are here to list out some of these precautions for you. 


While travelling, make sure that you clean your hands frequently. Sanitise them or wash them based on availability. Try to sneeze into your elbow bent or a tissue, while maintaining a distance of at least a metre. Cooperate with the travel authorities regarding the pandemic specific policies and standard operating procedures. 

Post COVID travel precautions


It is advisable to get yourself tested upon arrival and take up self quarantine till the results are out. This will help you ascertain whether you picked up the virus during the trip or not. You may also consider making suitable arrangements before leaving. 


At this stage a travel insurance that covers situations like pandemic, medical coverages, emergencies and such. Brush up the cancellation policies for bookings, they are bound to be more flexible in these times. 


Keep yourself psychologically prepared for an outbreak that might befall, especially if you are choosing to travel abroad. Staying mentally sane in such a situation will be extremely important with that country’s medical policies stepping in. You might find them unsettling and different from the home country but at that stage adhering to these policies will be extremely necessary.


Carrying some surface disinfectants is one of the top tips for travel after quarantine. From boarding a plane or riding a bus or a train, make a quick wipe routine around you. Make sure to scrub down the seat's headrest, the back of the seat in front of you, armrests, tray table, and all other areas where infectious droplets may land and survive in public spaces. Let it act and wait for a few minutes. Make sure you don’t spray these on fabric surfaces because that would lead the germs to spread more. 

Cooperation with authorities while travelling post COVID


Keep yourself informed and read up as much as possible before making the decision to travel. Visit travel blogs for recommendations or get in touch with travel groups and communities to gain insights about that place with regard to coronavirus. This will also aid in understanding the periodically changing developments in different countries. A good idea would be to scan through the national tourism and health websites of the country that you are planning to visit. 


On an average, a human tends to touch their face 16 times a day. While you are travelling, you need to make a very conscious effort to not do this since our nose, eyes and mouth are the gateway for the virus to enter your body. Restricting yourself from touching your face can be quite challenging, but it's crucial to steer clear of the virus. 


Help yourself before you help others. Make sure that your mask is one all time when you are out. If you are using wipes to clean surfaces, it is vital to dispose of them in a way that they don't affect other people. At all times, you should be aware of the fact that even though you might have come in contact with the virus and not gotten affected, you may still be a carrier. If at any point of time, you find signs like fever or loss of taste and smell, immediately isolate yourself.

Post COVID travel precautions


Lastly, if it is not necessary, avoid travelling. You might feel it has been long that you stepped out but for this world to go back to being coronavirus free, each and every one of us needs to ensure that we are doing our bit to support the ones fighting this battle for us. 


Try to wear full sleeves clothes and keep your body covered. Once you can, try to use disinfectants while washing your clothes. Sanitise the products that you bring home with yourself. The virus survives for different durations on different surfaces. Avoid physical contact while greeting people and minimise the exchange of any object. Try making digital payments as far as possible. 

Travel intelligently and cautiously in order to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Stay abreast with the latest developments and cooperate with the people around without fail.

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