15 music tracks that will make it to your meditation playlist immediately

Meditation enthusiasts and practitioners have researched and found that the combination of music and meditation can create a serene atmosphere that can help in stress relief. Music, while meditating can ground and calm you down. It also brings you to a deeper understanding of yourself and eventually helps you better your practice. Instrumental music and nature sounds, due to their relaxing properties, can function as excellent soundtracks for long study sessions or any task which requires significant attention. If you often find your mind tending to wander, meditative music can help bring focus. As far as meditation is concerned, gentle music creates a calmer environment which makes the process much more effective. This will improve your cognitive abilities and help you meditate better. We dug up and curated this list of soundtracks that can comfort your meditation sessions. Give it a listen! 


Mandala by Lhokanda; Duration - 2:17


Duniye ke Sapne by Raku-Nu: Duration - 2:03


By the docks by Lunar Skybox: Duration - 3:24


Illuminous by Bliss Phenomena; Duration - 3:07


In the Deep by Crow City; Duration - 3:20


Ice by Aurora Beach; Duration - 3:28


Far Away by Lunar Skybox; Duration - 3:25


Beneath the Ocean by Sleep Repeat; Duration - 4:07


Time Will Tell by Dusty Clav; Duration - 3:27


Another World by Zova; Duration - 2:05


Pathways by Chime Dolma; Duration - 2:00


Lost Woods by chromatic reflections; Duration - 3:16


Mindsight by Neon Eyes; Duration - 2:42


Pink Dreams by Spiritual Flower; Duration - 2:13


Far Away by CreativeWaves; Duration - 4:06

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