A full body workout using just bodyweight - Intermediate level

In one of our recent articles we spoke about beginner’s level full body workout using bodyweight and here we are with one step ahead, the intermediate routine. One of our team members took the latter routine quite seriously. “Never have I ever found such a simple yet effective workout, easy to get started with and continue”, she told us. 

The requirements are the same. Some clear space in your living room, 15 - 20 minutes and your will. It is advisable that you complete the given number of reps of each movement and then proceed onto the next after a minute of rest. Push yourself to increase the number of reps by 1 or 2 numbers every time you attempt this routine. This way you will be able to challenge your capacity effectively. This is how the list of movements goes:

Full body workout using bodyweight


An excellent movement to get your core activated and body warmed up.


Get yourself into a hip bridge position, lying on the floor with legs folded and feet firm on the ground. As you raise your pelvic region from the chest, raise one of your legs along with it. Alternate this movement with both the legs one by one, completing the same number of reps on each side. 

10 reps each side



The way to add strength to your legs and core is to squat. 


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with the toes pointed outward. Push your hips and bend your knees until your thighs become parallel to the ground. Stretch your arms out. Shift your body behind if you find yourself going ahead of your feet while squatting, a good way to keep your posture in check. Use the push from your heels to go up. Hold the position for a few seconds and complete the number of reps.

15 - 20 reps


A standard push up is extremely beneficial for building upper body strength and can also strengthen the lower back and core by engaging the abdominal muscles. 


Get into a high plank position. Fix your toes and push your body towards the ground with your elbows flaring out at 45-degree angle. Fix the number of reps you plan to complete and stick to it.

10 - 15 reps


Walking lunges can help in increasing your range of motion by enhancing flexibility, and loosening up the hips and hamstrings. They will also impart stability and balance over the course of time. 


Get your feet together and step forward, lunging with your right leg. Stand up, then repeat with your left leg. Make sure that you make a right angle with your thigh and legs at all times. Try to resist the adjustments that your body will throw and focus on perfecting the movement. 

10 reps each leg


Pike push ups target your shoulders, arms, chest, back and core, thereby improving the shoulder strength and core stability. 


Assume a pike position (downward dog). Bend at the elbows, allowing them to flare out to the sides. Direct the top of your head toward the ground.

6 - 10 reps

Full body workout


Full squats are a great tool for boosting the performance of other exercises. They spike up the overall mobility in the body.


This exercise will not require you to stand. Settle in a squat position. Drop your knees down to the ground one at a time so you’re kneeling. Step your feet back to the ground one at a time, maintaining that squat position. Maximise the number of reps and watch out your form.

10 - 15 reps (with 2 seconds pause at the bottom)


Planning to go for skydiving soon? This movement is for you. Activate your lower back and back side of your body. Hold the position for maximised benefit.


Rest on your stomach and stretch out your arms and legs. Take control of your core and don’t guide the neck. In this position, pull up for legs and arms off the ground for as high as possible. Hold it for a few seconds and revert. 

5 reps with 5 second hold


Plank work as a full body movement. With one leg lifted, it puts the entire body weight to test. It activates the core and demands stability with weight distributed on three limbs, instead of four. 


Lift one leg up, hold for 5 seconds, and return it to the ground. Repeat with the other leg.

30 - 60 seconds, 4 - 8 leg lifts


Another great exercise for the core and upper body. This might take a little time to perfect. 


Assume a side plank with your body rested on your knee and arm extended out. In this position raise one leg up and down for a number of reps and then switch sides.

30 - 60 seconds, 5 - 10 abductions each side


The dead bug exercise is an effective way to strengthen and stabilize your core, spine, and back muscles. It also improves posture and relieves lower back pain.


Rest on your back, legs at tabletop, and arms extended in front of you. Then extend your left leg and drop your right arm above your head, with the lower back planted flat on the ground. Alternate with the opposite leg and arm. 

10 reps each side

Push yourself, a little harder but do not give up. Results will not be sudden and quick but will certainly have a longer lasting impact.  




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