Correct your Yoga postures for improved impact: In collaboration with Vinod Dulal Yoga Institute

Did you know that performing Yoga in the correct posture is very important? Well it is and here are the reasons why:

Safety: Alignment ensures safe distribution of body weight along pose-targeted muscle groups

Body awareness: Also known as proprioception, This is where you use your intelligence for body movement and are not simply flinging body parts around to get into poses.

Setting a standard: It helps set a standard of performance. Getting into the ‘perfect' asana is a lifelong journey and asana cues help you know how much you've progressed in your Asana practice. 

As we have establish why correct form is important while performing yoga, in collaboration with Vinod Dulal Yoga institute, we bring on board correctional videos for some of the basic asanas that go on to lay down the foundation for the more advanced yoga movements ahead.

Halasana - Reduce your stress with Halasana (Plow Pose) by doing it the right way.
If not, correct it now!

Vrikshasana - Improve your neuromuscular coordination with Vrikshasana by making sure that it is done right. Here is how.

Vashistasana - Improve your focus and concentration by strengthening your arms, belly and legs with Vashistasana. But performing it the wrong way might not yield you the desired results.

Watch this video to correct it.

Urdhva Dhanurasana - Works as therapy for asthma and back pain, Urdhva Dhanurasana stretches your body. 

Sarvangasana - Improve your digestion by stimulating your thyroid & prostate glands and abdominal organs with Sarvangasana. But an error in the pose might not give you the ideal outcome. To perform it in the correct way, watch this video.

Sirsasana - Works as therapy for insomnia and sinusitis, Sirsasana stimulates your pituitary and pineal glands. An error in the pose might not yield the desired result. Watch this video and correct it.

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