Dancing the calories away

While cross fit training, HIIT, circuit training and such tedious exercise workouts help in aggressively burning the fat calories, dance fitness is just another lively way to do it. You may look at reserving one day per week for zumba or aerobics or any other energetic dance form to make your fitness regime fun filled. 


Dance workout

Grooving to the beats of some popular song numbers can also be a great mood lifter for the stay at home workouts. Challenging one another to grab the right moves for the signature steps of songs can also be an interesting approach to do it. Getting your partner, a friend or any other family member to do it along with you can also be a great source of motivation. You may look at slower songs for the warm up and cool down whereas songs with fasters beats fit the bill for the main work out. Browse through our blog The High Road Journal for some exciting playlists. 

That was that, the exciting part! Now let’s dive deeper into the advantages of dance fitness. In the light of exercising, dancing can be a good substitute for a full body workout and caters to a larger group of muscles. It enhances flexibility and gets your mental, spiritual and creative faculties to work. The mind instructs the body to keep itself in tandem with the dance steps thereby boosting the reflexes as well. It may be safe to assume that dancing prepares you for the more difficult exercises as well.

Professional dancer Jonathan Tylicki, the director of education for AKT, a boutique fitness concept rooted in dance, says one of the reasons dance is such a great form of physical fitness is because it incorporates movements on all planes of motion and from all directions.

“Movements that we typically do in our daily life, like walking, taking the stairs, and common workouts like treadmills and cycling, occur in the sagittal plane, but dance works your body from all planes, including lateral and rotational, which turns on and conditions all muscles, meaning no muscle is left behind,” he said.


Dance co-ordination for cogntive abilities

Dancing also looks after the development of cognitive abilities. When one dances to a song, they tend to remember the steps eventually improving the memory, planning and organizing skills. The rhythm and music work together on refining body balance. 

We believe that there is a song for every occasion! Chancing upon a song that reminisces childhood or reminds you of a loved one, can take yourself back into a pool of nostalgia. And there! An emotional aspect of dancing. It does it all.  



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