Fitness, fatherhood and everything in between: In the spotlight on Father’s day 2021

We bet your life must have changed the moment you got to know that fatherhood is the next big thing coming your way. Nobody has and nobody would say that it is an easy ride to be a father. Nonetheless, it is a joyful one. After all, it is a whole new human being that will be carving their own special place in your life. Your priorities would have changed and your time schedule would have turned upside down. But all of this is worth it. Isn’t it? That first smile, that first crawl, and that very first step - what a sight! Amidst this transition, when life is taking a sharp turn in a new phase, what happens to other aspects of life that were a priority? Like enjoying a drink with your friends or binge-watching a web series movie or even following a strict fitness regimen. As you are advancing into this article, have you already gotten into a contemplative mode? Are you secretly listing the priorities that you once ‘had’? It’s natural! But we are here to make a point. What if we told you that you can continue to be the awesome dad that you are while not having to give up on other joys of life! Well, the solution has a very simple tune to it - strike a balance! This piece is primarily about balancing an effective strategy to fulfill your role as a father, stay fit and active, and be at your best professionally.

Get started with your exercise whenever you can

Make the most of those small pockets of time that you get here and there. Figure out 15 -30 minute workout routines and get to them whenever possible. If you are someone who tends to think more, you might want to change this characteristic. Because the more you think, the less you will actually do. Clear and fix a spot in the house and make yourself sweat. This will make you feel a lot better. Another option is to climb the steps in your apartment or go for some quick walks around the block. Not without a mask, obviously.

Watch out your diet mindfully

To accommodate the reduction in the exhaustion of calories due to decreased physical activity, a smart approach could be to not consume them. Refrain from eating only carbohydrates and try to include proteins in your diet. Avoid foods that are unhealthy. In this way, when you transition back into your fitness regime after a period of time, your body will pose less resistance.

Effective strategy to fulfill your role as a father, stay fit and active, and be at your best professionally

Communicate and understand their circumstances as well

With a kid to take care of, you might begin to develop differences with your partner, especially due to a lack of personal time. Here is when you need to communicate with them and know that it is difficult for them as well. Sit and talk! List out the problems that you might be facing and solve them one by one. Remember to take breaks and ensure that your partner is also able to get them. Address the concerns that they have as if they are yours. Don’t lose yourselves in the process! Early parenthood can be a little daunting and this is a phase that will pass. Eventually, as your child grows up, you will have more time to spare for yourself. Now that’s when it becomes equally essential to communicate with your child too. They want to be heard and they want to be attended to. All in all, communication is the key!

Plan in out mathematically:

As your child makes their place in your life, you will know how your day looks like. The kind of time commitments that you need to make as a father, is something that will gradually take shape. After a while, once you have figured it out, plan the day and the week, and the month. It might be easy to prioritize the big events like birthdays but smaller ones are important too. Appreciating their drawings or the first six that they hit while playing cricket, all these moments matter and so does your presence. With work pressure and responsibilities, see if you can seek assistance and delegate specific tasks to specific people, both at home and at the workplace. Be it your parents or any other family member, it is alright to ask them for help. As far as the office is concerned, try to offload some of the tasks to your subordinates or any other team. Assess your resources and put them to good use. Remember trying to do everything is a quick road to burnout. Staying fit mentally is as important as staying fit physically.

Being an entrepreneur is one thing but being a fatherprenuer is a very different deal altogether

Is your dear start-up or a well thriving business your baby? What happens when an actual baby comes into your life? Now there are two babies to take care of! Two babies who demand full-fledged attention! Two babies who just can’t be ignored! Two babies, without whom, life will cease to be meaningful! Confused? Well, we have a small surprise for you! If you, like many other fatherprenuers, are struggling to strike the right chords to manage a start-up and a child(ren) while staying fit, this conversation will make a lot of sense to you. If you ask us, we would label it as a success story in itself. In the name of father’s day 2021, we gathered ourselves the coveted opportunity to speak to the founder CEO of Gympik, Mr. Amaresh Ojha.

He is fit, he is a father, he is an entrepreneur, and also a newly turned author of a book.

Well if you want your kids to want to stay fit, here is a little trick

If you foresee a scenario when you will sit your kid down and explain to them the importance of leading an active lifestyle, then this is a wake up call for you. No, it won’t happen! There is a simpler way out. Lead it, lead an active lifestyle and let them observe you. Let them see their father exercise everyday, eat healthy food, maintain good relationships and be happy. Let them see how you would use life skills to tackle difficult situations. Let them see how being emotional is also a way to be. Children tend to pick up the habits of their parents. You have no right to complain that your kid is stuck to YouTube for hours together if you yourself are stuck to your mobile phones all the time. The code of conduct that you follow in your life is mostly what your child is going to absorb. Though the truth remains that they will be a result of their own share of experiences yet you can try to lay the foundation right.

Fatherhood will change you in many ways, without even you knowing it

The biggest change that will come upon after becoming a father is an onset of emotions. Believe it or not! You might begin to see the world through your children's eyes and find a level of joy that was missing. Before you have kids, you get jaded and take a lot of things for granted, especially the simple things. You tend to be more responsible because now there is a life that is dependent on you, your actions and your choices. When you are without a child, your priorities must be revolving around sales targets or managing a team to meet deadlines. But if you have a kid of your own you might begin to see things differently. Instead of quantifying success metrics with money and market positions, you might start looking at building a brand with a purpose. Something that you can use to inspire your kids and empower them with the strength to follow their dreams. 

Kids can make your dullest day look brighter than the sun

After a long or strenuous work day, you would always look forward to getting home and spending time with your family. Your kids will give you a reason to disconnect from work, reasons that never existed in the past. Being a dad will teach you a lot about time management; how to use my time more wisely in the office. You will become very careful about what you focus on each day thus being a better leader and a better father.

As a father, staying fit mentally is as important as staying fit physically

Know what age can accommodate what kind of workouts

Beyond a certain age, the human body hops on the curve of deterioration. That means there are certain movements that the body will not be very willing to accommodate. But does that mean you stop? No, not at all. But you do step back, hold on for a moment and devise what works best for you. As a father, with a bunch of lives dependent on you, there are certain risks that you might want to refrain from. Especially when it comes to your body. This certainly does not mean that you stop rather work out meticulously. Understand and listen to your body. If there is a need, enroll yourself with an experienced online instructor who can guide you. Doing this will also help you manage your time better. It is absolutely alright to keep your fitness in the centre of your universe even after becoming a father. After all, it is a sound body in which a sound mind can house itself. The time that you spare to work out is an exclusive window that you make for yourself. This time window is entirely for you. Small or big, doesn’t matter. Make the most of it.

Sleeping well is as important as any other activity during the day

As a young family, when your little one is in bed at 8pm, it's a cool time you have to yourself. You might want to catch up with some friends or simply get comfortable on your couch watching a movie. Totally understandable! But you just can’t avoid getting enough sleep. Your body needs to rest and recuperate. So, for at least a couple of nights during the week, skip those urges and make a commitment to going to bed early. 

Isn’t it awesome to have a full day in the year to be dedicated to being a father? If it is, fatherhood seems like a reason to celebrate. Let nothing stop you from celebrating yourself. You are doing great and you will continue to do so!

Happy Father’s day.

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