How to deal with COVID-19 recovery when every family member had tested positive? In conversation with Vyshnav Baburaj, part of Zymrat family

That Monday morning, our day started with the news that Vyshnav, along with both his parents tested positive for COVID-19.. As days passed, each of us kept in touch with him regularly checking up while he would always ask, “hope none of you are showing any symptoms''. Well we did not, thankfully. But the severity of his infection hit us when we got on a video call with him, approximately 3 weeks later. He looked like he had lost a lot of weight, but the good news was that he and his family were on the recovery curve. 

That’s when we realised how difficult it must have been for them as a family to heal themselves while getting the food to eat, incessantly resting, taking care of each other and above all, coping up with the weakness that the illness had left behind, putting up a strong front all throughout. As he got better, we asked him so many questions and he, very patiently and kindly answered it all. That’s when it struck us that Vyshnav’s and his family’s COVID-19 recovery journey can help others who might be in the same situation. Thus we decided to have this conversation. 


How did all three members (Vyshnav and both his parents) in the family arrange for food every day?

How did they fight the pangs of continuously wanting to rest every now and then?

What about the cleanliness in the house?

What about the inflow of the essentials? 

What about the safety of the neighbours?

What to prioritize and how?

Are these some of the questions your mind grapples with at the thought of contracting the coronavirus? Then watch this video! Carefully listen to the conversation as it unfolds to reveal how Vyshnav and his parents got together to waive off the after effects of COVID-19. There are innumerable tales of recovery running around, engage with them. It will help in driving the fearfulness that tags along with the virus. Till this virus vanishes from the face of the earth, we all need to be informed about what can be done to battle the adversity in the best possible manner.

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