Planning your next Himalayan Trek? This is what you should know

Experiences are great teachers, aren’t they? We strongly believe so. Recently, we were able to e-meet a budding mountaineer, Siddharth Vikram. While having a chat with him, we learnt that his trekking experiences are quite insightful. And we could not hold ourselves back from bombarding with a bunch of quick questions that we feel an aspiring Himalayan trekker would like to ask. So if you are planning to go for a trek in the mighty Himalayan range, give these videos a watch, we are certain that a lot of haze will be lifted.  

For a more objective and detailed understanding, we have structured the information in the following three videos:

Part (I) - The basics


Part (II) - The Logistics


Part (III) - The Preparation


Treks are a great way to fill oneself with a sense of personal accomplishment. Reaching the top of the summit is a feeling unlike any other. Also make sure and encourage others to not litter around and not leave plastic trash behind. Non-biodegradable waste is detrimental to the Himalayan biodiversity. 

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