The goodness of gardening

Gardening as an activity is very universal to its core. It is not bound by age and is good for both mind and body. It is a great source of relaxation and is self-rewarding in most ways. Because the result of the efforts fill in a real sense of achievement visually and tangibly. The first bud, the first sight of a fruit, the first set of lush green baby leaves, get the feeling? That’s what we are here to talk about. 

Gardening leads to self confidence:

Once you start gardening and all the associated processes such as tilling, seeding, watering and nurturing, a sense of responsibility kicks in. It takes a part of your day and the outcomes arrive with accomplishment that gives ways to confidence. You wake up looking forward to an activity that displays progress on a regular basis.

Gardening is a good physical activity

Gardening is a good physically engaging activity:

Gardening is a manual activity that burns calories and strengthens the heart. The labor that goes in employs your body’s physical faculties. Not that it provides for great workout but seeding, watering and related activities provide for some good cardiovascular benefits. The hard work in the sun also gives a dose of much needed and much overlooked Vitamin D.

Gardening helps in dealing with stress and anxiety:

Gardening is a goal oriented activity. The mind requires to focus on it and is therefore a good distraction. With stress and hopelessness stepping in our daily lives, gardening springs up positivity. With things budding, growing and thriving, the brighter side of life comes upon. 

Gardening can also provide a great family bonding time:

It is an activity that shares the input and output equally. The joy of nurturing a garden together and then reaping the results can lead to improved relationships. Nowadays, this joy is not bound by geographies anymore, with people sharing pictures of flowers and home grown fruits and vegetables by means of various social media. It is also good means for children to develop companionship and understand the processes of nature experientially. 

Gardening is a long term goal:

Once you get down to some serious gardening, you can go hopeful for harvesting a few vegetables and fruits. This produce will be laden with health, pride and freshness with no pesticides and insecticides. 

Gardening leads to greener consequent efforts:

Gardening requires manure. This manure can be prepared at home by using up the vegetable peels, used tea leaves and a lot more. A small place in your backyard or balcony can be reserved for composting. This again is a goal oriented process and is driven by science. It therefore imparts knowledge and urges to track the progress. Gardening also explains what weather conditions comfort what types of flora. 

Indoor plants are a good option for home decor

Gardening account for greener nooks and corners at home:

Indoor plants can help in decorating the house. These smaller plants can be placed on shelves, study tables, wash basins and even the kitchen and require low maintenance. They also serve as excellent gift items.

Gardening as a continued activity demand diligence, understanding and willingness. Not only is it good for the environment but also boosts the local economy. 

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