The Ultimate Workout Playlist - International Edition

Previously, we talked about the ultimate Indian workout playlist and the ultimate Hindi workout playlist. But music, like many other art forms, does not have a language or a barrier. Many of us listen to English songs and it has been proven that music can influence your workout and encourage you to push harder. So here is a list of English songs that are perfect for every kind of workout.


Believer - Imagine Dragons

This song by popular band Imagine Dragons has motivational lyrics and the perfect beats to keep you going. Be it a sprint or lifting those last two reps on your set, this song sets a high tempo that is ideal for high intensity training. The high beats will definitely keep up with your heart rate and help you push during the tiring moments of your workout.




Faded - Alan Walker

A song that made the career of EDM artist Alan Walker, Faded is a popular workout song which is the choice for many. With a slow start and relaxed beat drops, this song is perfect for endurance runs or moderate intensity exercises where you set the balance between pushing too hard or too little.




Will - Joyner Lucas

A tribute to the artist’s hero, Will takes you back to early hip hop with Joyner Lucas paying homage to famous actor Will Smith. The beat is constant which makes it perfect for any run as Joyner Lucas talks about being motivated and pushing despite hard times which will keep you going on your workout too.




Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

An old song but one that keeps you going, Eye of the Tiger is for those days when the itch to workout is not as prominent as always. Playing it during the warmup or at the beginning of any routine will help keep your spirits up so you can keep going and finish a workout, thus leaving you stronger than when you started.




Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

A hit song from 2017, Shape of You is a versatile song that can go with most workouts. Running slow or sprinting, lifting heavy or light, the song will constantly keep your spirits up and help you keep a positive attitude till the end.




Celebration Song - Unwritten Law

Celebration Song may be unheard of, considering it is from Alternative/Hard Rock genres, but it is one of the best workout songs. With the perfect instrumental, it keeps you going and motivated for every workout.




The Fighter - Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder

The Fighter is a motivational song featuring Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. The motivational lyrics and a beautifully sung chorus makes it one of the best songs to end your workout with, so you can reflect on the effort you put in and how it will be worth the results.




Firework - Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s beautiful vocals in this song are sure to help you in your workouts. With an amazing instrumental, it is the perfect song to get started with your warm up or HIIT interval and will definitely keep you positive while sweating.




We have made it easier for you to listen to all these songs during your workout with this playlist in Spotify. Listen here -


These songs are sure to boost your workout and leave you feeling good at the end.

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