Why are organic foods good and expensive?

Organic foods are the outcome of organic farming practices that function without the use of chemical fertilisers. Growing food that is organic is a more tedious and time taking process since it is not speeded up by pesticides and insecticides. It overrides the notorious food demand supply curve and therefore is expensive. 

organic farming is good for the environment

Growing and harvesting organic foods is an environmentally sustainable practice. It utilises the soil nutrients but also restores them back to it. It helps in maintaining a healthy character of the soil making it usable for the future generations to come. Since most nutrients are pulled from the soils, the health character of the produce is largely dependent on it. Better the soil, the more nourishing the harvest gets. Organic farmers use natural fertilisers that do not harm the environment. These comprise composts, green manures, legumes and animal wastes. The food grown in healthy soils are able to fight diseases and tolerate insects. It ends up reducing the soil, air and water pollution caused by agricultural practices. The resources used viably are returned to the origin thereby avoiding the alteration in the composition. 

Organic foods are GMO (Genetically modified organisms) free and do not come loaded with chemicals. These chemicals enter the human gut and pose a number of health dangers in the future ahead. Organically produced foods are healthier and tastier in the longer run and take typically more time to grow and mature. Their growth is not speeded up by chemicals. Their nutritional value is better. The tests done to certify the organic character of the produced foods is also an expensive and a repetitive process. This adds up to the cost. The shelf life of organic foods is less because they are preservatives free. They cannot be stored for longer periods of time both at producer and consumer level. Therefore the stakes involved are much higher. Most organic foods do not transport on longer distances and are consumed around locally. 

what we eat is what the farmers will grow

Food demand is unending, it is one of the most basic needs that living beings thrive on. What we eat is what the farmers will grow. As consumers, we need to become more conscious. The agricultural community works hard to keep up with the rapidly changing needs. As more and more people decide to start eating organic foods, more and more farmers will be encouraged to produce them. 


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