A proud moment for team Zymrat!

We are brimming with delight as we take immense pride in sharing this news with you. Zymrat is now entirely and proudly made in India. Honestly, it is an outcome of a challenge that we faced with the dissent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The supply chain that we had built went for a toss with the slowing down of movement across international borders. We found ourselves not only unable to stock up products but also the new launches that we promised weren’t fulfilled. Amidst this, we could not make up our minds to travel and push our health into jeopardy.

On the road ahead, the two challenges that awaited us were – we needed to find the right kind of partners in India who would resonate with our vision to make world-class performance wear products with zero compromises on the quality that we were offering. Looking back was not an option. So we tapped all our resources and abilities in looking for these partners. And Woah! We did find them. We relentlessly worked with more than 10 big and small partners across India, experimented endlessly, and trained the local talent to get the right blend in terms of quality, design, and aesthetics. Given that the scenarios are quite filled with twists and turns when it comes to fabric innovation and technologies, we owe ourselves a pat on the back for speedily remodeling our production structure to the desired product finishing.

We were blessed to have found the hidden talent and potential of manufacturing capabilities on our own land and eventually being supported and strengthened to materialize the arrangement. With this, we officially relocated our production and manufacturing to India. It is an unmatched feeling!

We can now be termed as one of India’s homegrown brand of performance wear and athleisure.

We can now dwell in the delight of being able to serve our fellow countrymen with the best in class product offerings.

We can now generate opportunities and resources within the country for the country.

We can now stand even taller and proud!

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