Acroyoga - Adding fun to your yoga

We are all aware of the various benefits that are gained by practising yoga. It is India’s gift to the world for the betterment of physical and mental health. Yoga has no age restrictions and can be practised by anyone, anywhere irrespective of equipment. It is one of the most versatile ways to keep fit. Weight loss, muscle tone, flexibility and strength are some of the few benefits of practising yoga regularly.

But are you looking for a little fun and a bit of a challenge to your regular yoga routines? Acroyoga is the solution. Wonder what it is? Well, it is a new form of yoga that is a combination of acrobatics and yoga. Though some might argue that it is inspired by old circus acts where trapeze artists showed off their skills. However, it involves the breathwork and asana aspects of yoga. We spoke to Susheel Jain, a registered yoga teacher, with all that you need to know about Acroyoga. 


Acroyoga - Adding fun to your yoga


Acroyoga varies from traditional yoga in many ways. Anyone who’s looking to start Acroyoga must have a base level of physical and mental strength. It involves two people, and sometimes a third person. According to Susheel, these are the roles of all three people involved -

  • Base: The person who is active and lifts the other person is called the base. The base should be physically strong.
  • Flyer: The person who flies is called the flyer. A flyer must have a basic strength level and be flexible.
  • Spotter: Spotter plays the role of safety and assistance. The spotter needs to be mentally active and must have the required level of strength to provide safety to the base and flyer.

Acroyoga follows the basic rules of fitness, just as any other exercise discipline. If you are planning to start practising it, a trainer can help you out with the basics and help correct your form and avoid injuries. Being one of the few fitness activities that involve a partner, it enables you to develop trust and connection with them. The deep stretches, inversions and mindful movements help you become stronger physically and mentally. Increased blood circulation, focus, and flexibility are some of the many benefits you can gain with regular practice.

Acroyoga has seen increased participation in India in the past five years. Susheel mentions that in his five years of Acroyoga practice, he has seen many people taking up this exercise form to improve their health. Instructors and practitioners have grown in large numbers. One of the main reasons behind this is the connection and trust developed while practising. This leads to making new connections and having a unique experience than most fitness disciplines that are performed solo. 

So if you’re looking at the traditional benefits of yoga with an added twist, Acroyoga is what you are looking for. Aside from strength and flexibility, it can help you develop connections and make you stronger physically and mentally. Last but not least, Acroyoga is no exception to the one single benefit that is visible in every form of yoga - staying present in the moment and helping you dominate your fears.


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