Eating Fit: Fruit Snack

Fruits! We loved them when we were children and we still grew up to love them, well most of us do. You might have a preference for some fruits more than others, but that is how choice works. However, did you know that fruits consist of many different vitamins and minerals that you are possibly missing out on? Coach Shubhag Rao helped us understand the many benefits that fruits provide us with.

We previously spoke about how macronutrients are vital to our body. They are the building blocks for our body. But just like any other building, it needs a foundation. This is where fruits play an important role. Fruits can be easily consumed as snacks and are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. 

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables in the long run will greatly benefit your body, even if you are a non vegetarian. Some fruits such as bananas and oranges contain potassium and citric acid. These are vital nutrients that are otherwise difficult to find. Though in today’s world, there is a supplement for everything but it is always best to go natural, as food is still a constantly studied topic and many foods contain nutrients that are yet to be found.

A common way we love to consume our fruits is in the form of a delicious fruit juice. Keep in mind that the fruit juice mentioned here is completely natural and made at home. Adding to the satisfaction of your own efforts, homemade fruit juice can provide you with benefits and no additives or preservatives, which might be found in packaged fruit juices. Though we are all human and we sometimes do get cravings, packaged fruit juice can be consumed once in a while without a doubt. However, prolonged, regular consumption might lead to health issues later in life.

Did you know that you can skip purchasing pre workout supplements and have a natural substitute? Bananas are loaded with potassium which can give you enough energy to sustain your workout. Apples are a great source of energy and watermelons are one of the best fruits that help you get hydrated and provide energy at a lower caloric cost. 

Now that you know the many benefits fruits can offer, try this delicious recipe by Coach Shubhag. This can provide you with an instant boost in energy and muscle recovery. Pomegranates have shown to aid in muscle recovery after a strength workout. Though it is not as effective as post-workout supplements, it is a cost effective and natural option for those who wish to avoid supplements.

In 200g of curd, add one cup of sliced apples, a half of banana and pomegranate seeds. Top this off with some raisins and walnuts and consume this delicious fruit snack that will help you defeat cravings and stay healthy.

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