Eye care and exercises

Human eyes perform a very vital function. It is through this organ through which our brain registers about the world around, learn new things, and make memories. All of these are reasons that make vision such an important thing to take care of. Don't take your eyes for granted. Ask a pilot who gets rejected by a few points his license to fly. 

Here is a list of easy steps to keep the peepers healthy:

Eating right:

For optimal eye care, enrich your food palette with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and E. These nourishments can prevent chances of cataract and cloudiness. 

Sleep well:

Eyes, among other external organs, are practically always at work. Whether it is cooking, working, driving or playing, eyes are active. Sleeping is one activity that puts the eyes to rest. It is also that time of that day when enough moisturization is provided naturally. 

Use protection for eyes:

Always wear protective eyewear or safety glasses to avoid the risk of anything making contact with your eyes when you are in a susceptible environment. For instance, when you are riding a bicycle or any other two-wheeled vehicle, in order to avoid dust entering your eyes. 

use sunglasses for protecting eyes in the sunlight

Practice wearing sunglasses:

Invest in a good pair of sunglasses that offer the due protection from the sun’s UV rays. While purchasing a pair, look for the characteristics that come with certifications that ensure obstruction of harmful rays entering the eye. 

Take frequent breaks from screen:

As a part of a digitally active lifestyle, screen exposure has seen a heightening curve. This leads to eyestrain, dryness and headaches. To avoid these stress inducing repercussions, it is advisable to take breaks from staring at the screen in every 20 minutes. 

 take frequent screen breaks for your eye wellness

Try to schedule regular eye check ups:

Getting your eyes regularly checked can ensure sharpness and health of vision. You may also be able to monitor the power of both the eyes. If you use contacts, make sure you wash your hands properly and also disinfect them regularly.

It is really settling to realise that eye exercises are extremely simple to do. Here are few suggestions that can be looked into:

  1. The eye roll is great for alleviating eye strain. Moreover this movement acts as a workout for your eye muscles and builds the strength of the eyes. While doing this, make sure to look forward with your shoulders relaxed and sit up straight. Look to your right and then roll your eyes up toward the sky. Next, roll your eyes down to the left and then to the ground. Repeat the same in the opposite direction. 10 reps spread across the length of a minute Go slow on this one. 
  2. Palming is a great exercise for healthy eyes. It relaxes the eyes when they get tired. Rub your hands together as they become nice and warm. Place your palms on your eyelids, transfer the warmth and press gently. Hold this for around 10 seconds. Slowly open your eyes as your vision comes back into focus. Repeat once (or twice) for best results.
  3. Staring at a pen or your index finger can improve convergence issues. Extend your arm straight and focus your vision on either for 10 seconds, bring it closer and stare for another 10 secs and finally bring it even closer and stare at it for 10 seconds. Repeat this for at least rounds.
  4. Blink blink blink! Blinking is important as it helps to keep our eyes properly lubricated. This exercise supports the health of your eyes. Look straight ahead of you at a blank wall. Next, slowly close your eyes. Keep your eyes closed for half a second. Then slowly open them again. Repeat this slow blink 20 times in a row. You will feel your eyes getting refreshed with each blink. 

Try to blink more often as you get through the day. Additionally if you wear glasses, always remember to clean them. Dirt strains the eyes because they fall in need of fighting to find the right focus. Replace the lens in your specs if you find many scratches on them. It is best to try and avoid looking at the screen 15 minutes after waking up. Also use read mode on your phone when going through an article or reading an eBook. These modes modulate the amount of light entering your eyes.

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