Fitness entrepreneurship in India - In conversation with Coach Anuj and Prashanth

Witness this conversation to know how two young men from Coorg and Kanpur in India tried, understood and made crossfit-ness more functional. While one left his full time job to become a full time trainer, the other researched and learnt about fitness just to better his game at basketball. As they gravitated towards taking up their fitness to an entrepreneurial level, they were faced with some backlash and some appreciation. Focusing on the latter, they upped themselves and now proudly earn their living as crossfit trainers.

Don’t skip watching this conversation, moderated by our founder Ujjawal Asthana if you are keen on carving out a career for yourself in the field of physical fitness in India. Learn what goes into constructing a fitness program that yields visible results over the due course of time. Learn the conviction that goes into breaking the barriers of conventional professions. Learn what fitness is all about as we see you on the other side of this talk.

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