How to practice self-care?

Self care can teach you a lot about yourself and help in gaining insight into what you need to become the best version of yourself. It helps in coping with stress and to prioritize what's important. This way you enable yourself to look after others while taking time to fulfil your own needs.

But do you wonder how to incorporate self care into your life? Well we all do. And the best part is that there are actually no major changes that need to be made but some really simple steps that are listed below:


As you wake up in the morning, go cycling. Check your surroundings and see if the weather and the pandemic allows it. If that seems difficult, take a running stroll in your locality. Even going around the house is a great way to get up and move. This activity will help you get charged up for the day and break the restfulness after sleep. It would also help in improving mental clarity and ability to focus on the daily chores. Set your joints and muscles into motion by engaging in an active morning routine. 


Simulate your mind by inducing some curiosity into it. Browse the internet and look for your favorite restaurant. Check out its menu and see if some new cuisine or dish has been introduced. If you find one, research more on it to find out if you’d like to go and try it out some day for a special occasion. 


Blend some fruits and nuts together to make a smoothie. If you find yourself falling short of inspiration, scan a nearby market to know what seasonal fruits are available. You can also consider making this a routine by having a smoothie for your breakfast once a week. Depending upon the recipe, garnish the smoothie with some cream or chocolate syrup. 

Goodness of gardening for urban lifestyle


Buy some plants and keep them with you. Nurture them everyday by watering them and monitoring their progress. Read up on the goodness of gardening and learn the possible positive impact that it can have on your life. Fix a time in the evening and reserve it for your plants. Make it a point to dig up the soil for better air circulation and water retention. Follow some popular bloggers or social media pages that give out relevant information regarding gardening. This will help in expanding your knowledge and boost interest. 


If you find yourself arrested with some stressful thoughts that are coming in the way of your health. Today is the time when you should do something about it. Good health and sound mental condition are generators of powerful ideas. Prepare one of your favourite recipes at home all by yourself instead of eating junk food. Figure out the recipe on the internet and procure all the ingredients in advance. It will help you know your own taste buds more proactively. Aim to get better at it.  


Gather some of your siblings/spouse or any other family member or even a friend to play a board game with them. Be it carrom board, chess or even snake and ladder. This will also lead you to get closer to your loved ones and strengthen the relationships. If you are alone, check out some popular online games and play it for some time. Remember to ensure your digital well being by restricting the time span especially after spending a maximum part of your day in front of the screen. 

Playing board games can help in nurturing personal relationships


Talk to a neighbor and talk about less personal things like gardening, lighting of the house, cooking or other local problems. This could be a good way to break the monotony of your thoughts as well as gather different perspectives. It will open up your mind and know what other people have been thinking about. It is always good to keep in touch with your neighbors as they can provide for some immediate help that you may need. Know to offer some help when they might need it. 


Wear your mask and take a quick walk to your favorite grocery store. Buy that one healthy item that you had been avoiding all this while. This might take a little push from within but will prove to be beneficial. All the effort that you make in walking up and procuring the food item will trigger you to consume it.

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