Inactive to athletic - Nivas' inspiring story on how fitness changed his life.

We saw many ways to keep fit during the lockdown like Calisthenics, HIIT and strength training without weights at home. We became fitter due to the lack of fast food options, work from home and zero commute which allows more focus on developing a healthier lifestyle. Nivas Ravichandran, a frequent Zymrat user shared his experience with workouts, undergoing a transformation in the past six months physically and mentally.

Nivas put on weight due to a sedentary lifestyle. This was due to the easy availability and doorstep delivery of fast food we have today. Back issues were also one of the problems that caused stress in everyday functioning.

However, he did not let this get to him. He was initially skeptical if he would be able to lose the excess weight and become more fit. However, Nivas made sure to take it slow instead of rushing into a completely new lifestyle. Dietary changes with an aim to adapt to a healthier lifestyle coupled with physical activity was the initial goal. These small milestones led to bigger goals and eventually he noticed results.

This journey was not undertaken by him alone and had many contributing factors involved. Just like the lockdown left us all isolated at our homes, Nivas made the most of it, t making small changes that had a visible difference. This saw support from his colleagues at Freshworks, who saw the changes he was capable of and encouraged him to keep going. There was a noticeable difference in his body language, confidence and the way he carried himself.

This led to Nivas eventually getting himself involved in sports and strength training at a  gym, two of his favorites in his approach towards a healthier lifestyle. He admits that it may be boring for some to go through it alone, but along with the physical benefits, he noticed mental changes like increased determination, confidence and taking up opportunities instead of letting them pass. Exercising helped develop an attitude that he can do instead of worrying about what could go wrong.

Having spent five years at Freshworks amongst a good workplace culture as a marketer, Nivas recommends that everyone should take a conscious effort to involve fitness into their lifestyles. For people involved in the chaos of the startup culture and the urban bustle, he recommended these suggestions.

  • Find time and prioritise. 
  • The one common excuse we have heard and some of you might have used is that there is not enough time to exercise. However, exercise need not be strength training or something intense and long. It could be as simple as starting out with a 10 minute walk and eventually incorporating varying intensities of exercise into your routine.

  • People respect when you take care of yourself. 
  • When you take care of yourself, you are more comfortable and thus carry yourself proudly. Exercise not only provides physical benefits but also does wonders for your personality. It helps you have confidence in your abilities and this is reflected in all environments which leads to better interactions in work and personal life.

  • Go the long run and take care of your health.
  • Exercise should not be a new year resolution and rather a long term goal. Humans are meant to move since ancient times and even today. Regular exercise helps reduce the risk of heart disease and many other symptoms associated with aging. 

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