IPL 2020 - Breaking down the peak fitness moments

We previously spoke about Team India’s Captain, Mr. Virat Kohli's fitness regimen. We have all been watching the IPL this year with great enthusiasm as it is one of the first sports in India to be screened, post the coronavirus pandemic. However, it is not just our favorite Team India captain who keeps fit but also many other players who go out of their way to create spectacular moments throughout the series. Here are four iconic moments in the IPL so far, where a player’s fitness made all the difference.

Nicholas Pooran

In a test of quick reflexes and skill, Nicholas Pooran left the crowd in awe after a boundary catch. The Kings XI Punjab player dove over the boundary to save Rajasthan Royals of any runs. Breaking this down further through a fitness perspective, it is evident that Nicholas trained HIIT and core control. So if you want to be just as fast as this amazing fielder, make sure to train your core, which not only includes the abdominal muscles but also the lower back, obliques and core. This will help in balance, and HIIT workouts will help you shape up for speed and control while landing.


Sanju Samson

In another test of fielding reflexes, Sanju Samson managed to make a successful catch and land, securing a wicket. Let’s break this down. The short vertical jump when first attempting to catch the ball is another feat of explosive strength in the legs to ensure a quick jump. However, the one thing you might want to avoid is falling over and hitting the ground. Though this Rajasthan Royals player might be conditioned to the ground, due to his experience as an athlete, it is important to work on balance to get the landing right and avoid injury.


Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma cemented his run record by hitting a six that went 79m long. The Mumbai Indians player sent the shot into the stands, which is a clear component of strength. Batting is a heavy activity that involves swinging while controlling the momentum as lack of control would lead to joint injuries and mobility issues. Bodyweight training which includes calisthenics and strength training which includes lifting a good amount of weight can help immensely in this situation and help you set your best batsman records in terms of distance.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one Indian cricket player whom everyone across the country admires. Though he might play for CSK, his wicket keeping skills are considered one of the best. In a show of timing, quick reflexes and fitness training, Dhoni caught a ball with utmost precision. First comes the dive, which is a sign of total body control which can be achieved through calisthenics. In order to control the way your body turns, your core plays an important role which is another factor. Lastly, Mr.Dhoni ensured that he landed on his knees, protected by a guard to ensure that he does not injure himself. This is very visible in animal flow workouts, where core control and total body stability are key features.


Now that you know what you need to do in order to be as fit as your favorite cricketers, our home workout blogs might be the right place for you to start. It is important to know that cricketers go through intense training aided by sports trainers, physical conditioning and therapy coaches and mental training for players to perform at the peak of their game. Though access to these facilities is not possible for most of us, we can always get a good workout through gym, bodyweight training and endurance training at home or gyms.

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