Know your sportswear fabric: Moisture Wicking, anti-microbial and anti-static

Have you ever wondered, what makes your sportswear fit for those extensive workouts and the activity on the field? 

Well, there is a great deal of technology, innovation and intelligence that go into making the sportswear fabric more and more supportive for the performance. These put together enable you to aim higher by taking care of what your body goes through and fights. The most outstanding aspect is moisture management. Any physical activity that taxes the body is met with sweating in order to maintain the body temperature while keeping it cool. A moisture wicking property has the ability to move the moisture away from the body as well as the fabric. As a result, the sweat dries up more quickly. The main purpose served by this type of fabric is to rapidly move the moisture to the outer surface for improved evaporation thereby making the clothes more breathable. This in turn saves the fabric from drenching in sweat. In this way, the body is able to find an outlet for its moisture release more speedily through effortless temperature regulation and the non-sticky touch and feel of the cloth. Even if not during the workouts, moisture wicking fabrics are an ideal for warm and humid summer months. The breathability that comes with it makes it even more comfortable. 

Moisture wicking fabric imparts breathability to the garment

With more and more consumers growing conscious about the hygienic and active lifestyle, the fabric technology has kept up by taking strides on the antimicrobial agenda. It is comparatively a more recent innovation seen in the industry. The fabric that is antimicrobial basically prevents the growth and stay of bacteria in the clothes making it health protecting and preventing diseases. In geographic regions and activities that call for excessive sweating, antimicrobial fabric comes into play by eliminating foul odours. 

An anti-static fabric typically reduces the charge that builds up on the body due to temperature differences. This property of fabric makes the fibre hydrophilic and increases the conduction power on the surface. The flow of charge is obstructed by the work of friction by releasing the static electricity housing on the human body. This property eliminates the mini shocks that you experience every now and then. This characteristic is imparted to the fabric while spinning, weaving and finishing the yarns. 

Antimicronial fabric helps in driving away foul odors

Sports enthusiasts, regular gym goers and folks keen rigorous workouts would understand the importance and relevance of these properties better. But even for people who are not into excessive physical activities, clothes laden with these features can experience enhanced and technologically advanced clothing gear. 

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