Stay Active during work from Home

While the pandemic has levied a number of limitations to our daily lives, there are some ways to keep our mental and physical ourselves going on. It is really in our hands to not let the gloom of the four walls kick in. Tough but not impossible! Take a look at these ways to stay active while adapting to the new normal of work from home: 

Talk to your spouse about issues that are stressing you

Talk it out!

Talk to your spouse before going to bed. Share what happened throughout the day and listen to them too. If there are issues that are bothering you or stressing you out, they need to be addressed. These discussions will lead you towards a solution. 

Arrange and de-clutter

Fix a day and arrange your clothes. You wouldn't believe it but there are so many memories linked to your clothes. It is a nice way to go down that lane, again. Declutter and remove the unwanted pieces. Pass these on to someone who you think needs these. Make place for the new stuff that you want to buy. This will refresh you. 

Treat yourself aromatically

Indulge in some self pampering by making a relaxing bath for yourself. Light a scented candle to go along with. Take this time to give rest to each and every body part. 

Dance your heart out

Do you feel like tapping your feet to pop music or a bollywood hit to uplift your mood? Then do it. Dance to it with your spouse or kids. This sudden outburst of energy might pull you through today. Moreover it is a nice bonding time and will provide your body with some fun movement. Don’t consider this exercise and just keep it to living the emotions and beats of the songs.

Multitasking isn’t that difficult

Plug in your earphones and listen to a positive podcast while doing any of the home chores. This will also breeze out the boredom out of these chores. There are quite a few categories to choose from. You can begin following certain channels and set alerts for notifications. This can be a good place to derive some inspiration from as well. 

workout at home

Workout at home

Keep it short but do not avoid. Fix 10-15 minutes of the day exclusively for exercising. This will release a lot of vented up (negative) energy in the body. Push yourself to keep at it for a few days and you would eventually start feeling a strong need for it. Depending upon your body requirements, you can look at cardio workout, strength training, dance fitness or anything else. Given the circumstances in the current times, a lot of routines are available over the internet. The key is to keep at it. Alternatively you can also enroll yourself with a health and fitness coach. Read more about this idea here. 

Read a book

Reserve a part of your day and immerse yourself in reading a book while sipping a warm cup of tea or coffee and getting comfortable on the recliner. Enjoy this transition! Reading has an innate capability of facilitating imagination as you go along. Utilise this time to finally pick up that novel that you had your eyes on for so long but could not read due to shortage of time. A lot of e-books are available nowadays and with read mode on your smartphone, it can be less strain on the eyes too. 


Look at some old travel pictures and see if you would enjoy segregating them. This will also rush back a lot of memories and experiences of your life. While you are at it, decide where you want to go next. This may sound being too hopeful right now but think about it. 

Don’t let these tough times get you. Put up a brave front and tackle each issue sensibly. Take life as it comes and learn to deal with the highs and lows. Try, experiment and find out what works best for you. Don’t take self-care and me-time for granted.

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