Sweating it right - The do’s!

Sweating is your body’s way to tell you that it is cooling down. It helps in dissipating heat and maintaining internal thermoregulation. Serves an extremely good way to release toxins out from the body. Being able to regulate the sweating while workouts is critical and here are some worthwhile steps that can be taken. 


Faster wicking and ligh weight workouts gear


Facilitate your workouts with the right gear. Invest in materials that are breathable, lightweight and faster wicking. Choose a size that fits tight on your body, this helps in increasing blood circulation and better the performance. 


Keep an absorbent towel handy to wipe off the sweat but try to avoid it as much as possible. The natural drying of sweat leads to better heat balance in the body.




Hydrate plenty before, during and after the workout. This prevents excessive dehydration due to sweating. 

While exercising, The American Council on Exercise recommends drinking:

  • Seventeen to 0.5 l of fluid, 2 to 3 hours before  working out
  • Another 0.2 l , 20 to 30 minutes before starting your workout
  • 0.2 l , every 10 to 20 minutes while exercising
  • 0.2 l  post workout


If you are choosing to exercise indoors, make sure that the room temperature and humidity are in control. This is yet another way to ensure heat balance for better blood circulation. It is advisable to not exercise in high temperatures. Morning and evening slots are the best time of the day.

Our endeavour is to support you in your fitness journey, encourage you to keep at it even when the going gets tough and never give up!

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