The most important factors in achieving fitness goals

A good way to strategize the fitness regime is by fixing some goals to it. Like any other office project or business collaboration, goals help in tracking and quantifying the progress. And as we establish the importance of having these goals, what can be done best to achieve them is equally essential. These factors can prove to be catalysts in preparing you for the challenges that working out will throw on your way. Let’s swing in:

Suitable amount of exercise with an appropriate intensity: In the realm of fitness, you should always be aware of what your body can endure and what targets you can set for yourself. At any given point in time, you should never stop listening to your body. This does not mean that you stop pushing yourself, but  you should also know when to stop. During the initial stages, you might want to do a lot very quickly, but an apt intensity should not be overlooked. As you walk into it, you will begin to understand how the body is interacting with the workout sessions. 

progression in fitness

Some sort of progression over time: To make your workout more productive, reset the targets with increased difficulty. For instance, you can either look at heavier weights or more number of repetitions. Also, inclusion or combination of various exercises can also give way to progression. If you are able to do a definite number of sit ups, you can consider introducing punches with it as you get up. If you are able to hold a low plank for 60 seconds, attempt it for 90 or 120 seconds. Your will power would prove to be the biggest strength as you alter your fitness regime. 

Intake of appropriate amount of calories and protein: Carbohydrates account for the energy stored in the body which gets utilised during the workouts. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to nourish the body with the right carbohydrates before taking the plunge into the workout. Proteins play an important role in muscle recovery post the exercising session. It is advisable to consume protein rich meals soon after. To know more about what’s good for a pre-workout and post-workout meal, read this blog

Good sleep and rest

Good sleep, ample rest and recovery: When you are well rested, your body performs at its best capacity. Sleeping is your body’s way of recharging itself and ensuring recovery from fatigue that comes with workouts. Exercising with half the amount of rest may not reap as good results as it could otherwise since the body falls in need of battling two ways. Taking small breaks in between workouts retains the momentum and keeps you going. Try and fix a sleep routine so that your body knows when to expect rest. With the corporate culture on the run, many of us chose to exercise during the evening. This means that we have already exhausted the day’s energy in accomplishing the day’s tasks. Here is when a good amount of sleep and rest can prove vital for those evening workouts. To ensure a more sound sleep, visit this blog for improved sleep hygiene.

Consistency is the key, in all of the above: Keep at it, just keep at it. And you will get there without a doubt. Train your body to get up and get going. Overcome the blues. They never said it would be easy. But a continued effort and the intention to fall and rise will never fail you. Sometime if you find your fitness routine is becoming mundane, try and look at other forms. If you are into hardcore strength and conditioning, give pilates or dance fitness a try. If you follow yoga, walking or running could be a good break. 

Importance of mental health care: Mental and emotional health directly impacts the thought processes and day to day behaviour. Being in a good mental space can help in boost your productivity and decision making. Practicing meditation regularly can ensure that the mind gets its due relaxation.

The underlying message is to take full charge and retain the reigns of your fitness regime while propelling it with some quick to dos.

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