This is what’s going to revolutionize activewear and athleisure in India like never before

The fitness industry and the consumer choices of fitness enthusiasts in India have been dominated by the big global names of the world. These global names have built themselves incessantly by being at the brink of innovation. Innovation in style, in purpose, in design, in quality, in technology, and in presentation. Yes, you can get all of this if you are willing and are capable of shedding hefty sums of money from your pocket. But wouldn’t it be thrilling to know that you could now enjoy and experience activewear loaded with innovative features without putting a dent in your pocket? What if we told you that the blend and design of our latest collection can permanently erode issues like sweat accumulation and eventual stink? Read that sentence again. And yes, we do mean each and every word of this sentence.

Silver ions in activewear clothes prevents odors before they are produced

As we are paving our way to make our mark in the world of athleisure, one great and regular occurrence is our interaction with the community folks. These real-time discussions help us understand what problems people are facing at the ground level while working out extensively. What hampers them and what accelerates them. What’s missing and what can be improved. We ourselves engage in hardcore workouts, now this is what brings in the empathy. All in all, it functions as a wake-up call for what we as a country long for and think that they deserve.

Why should we be far behind in the race when it comes to using excellent quality activewear clothing? We have the minds, we have the resources, it was just a matter of time that someone decided to combine them together. 

To be honest, this t-shirt collection did not take shape and form on a bed of roses. The sole reason was that we were trying to put up a fight against two inevitable upshots of exercising - sweat and odor. These are body functions and have a definite purpose. Sweating is the body’s way of cooling down and accommodating the heat that builds up. It starts becoming a problem when it does not dry out and wets the clothing. It is that uneasy feeling which we are talking about. This feeling brings with itself malodors that persist till the cloth is thoroughly washed and cleaned. So what we needed here were characteristics in clothing that can stop this from happening. Not that we’d like you to sweat less but we’d like it not to turn into a speed breaker. Thus we racked our brains, researched, experimented, and sometimes thought of giving up too, but now, when we look back at all the struggles, it was worth the shot. 

We got down to devising a fabric that could enhance the breathability of the clothing so that sweat dried out naturally from the garment while you stay put at making your workout game stronger. This fabric has a unique knit and blend and has undergone a special treatment. This whole process has upped the fabric with such super features that we proudly decided to name this technology - SuperSilva. This was the Super part. Now coming to the Silva part. This treated fabric carries real sustainable silver ions. Yes! Real silver.

For many years now, brands have traditionally used nanotechnology to apply silver ions into the fabric. It is because silver has special properties. Silver is a well-known tri-modal bactericide. Silver binds to bacterial DNA preventing replication. It even binds to select odors, giving it the added functionality of an odor absorber. Hence, silver prevents odors before they are produced. Moreover, silver is a Lewis acid, and functions as an odor neutralizer, absorbing critical odors produced outside the fabric. But the bone of contention was that the silver ions kept getting washed away. The fabric of the cloth was not able to withstand the repetitive washes and hold back the ions. These ions even entered the body through perspiration and also led to environmental contamination by getting washed away into water bodies.. 

We have overcome these issues with our improved and tested technology and techniques.

Moreover, to ensure that this isn’t just theory, we pitched two fabrics against each other. One with a run-of-the-mill fabric that has day-to-day anti-microbial and anti-odor properties and the other with SuperSilva fabric. We put those two fabrics through their most difficult times. T-shirts from those two fabrics were worn by two participants for 7 days straight with an hour of vigorous exercise every day. T-shirts were just air-dried and there wasn’t any washing involved. The T-shirts were then soiled with milk. Post that, both of them were washed 50 times with detergent. Participants returned the shirts, and three trained odor panelists evaluated the odor. 

While the regular T-shirt smelled like vomit, bitter, stale, and feet, SuperSilva T-shirt on the other hand smelled sweet, fresh, and clean. So, when we say permanent odor removal, we mean it. To further support this, holistic odor control, gas chromatography (GC) techniques, and sensory tests were introduced to assess the silver-polymer complex’s effectiveness at controlling and neutralizing malodors. As we tailored the design of this fabric against sweat and odor, we have added the distinct properties of anti-static, soft touch, and moisture management to SuperSilva.

That was about SuperSilva! 

Another path-breaking innovation for the Indian activewear industry is our very own ‘The Ball Cooling Fabric’. We would urge you to judge the book by its cover, in this case, the name. There is no underlying meaning to the name. It is what it is. A fabric that can cool your balls. While exercising, you often get so immersed in the determination that you tend to overlook certain discomforts. These discomforts slow you down in ways that you may have never noticed before and neither hoped for a solution. But since we are on the mission to leave no stone unturned to make the perfect pair of shorts and joggers for you, we get it. 

Permanent odor removal from your gym t-shirts

While working out it is important that good air circulation is maintained between your legs. Sweat and subsequent moisture end up making a stifling mess out there. Even more when you feel it while moving your legs. Every rep is followed by a constant adjustment of your shorts and joggers. Pulling the fabric between your legs just so that your balls can breathe. To add to the menace, the visible stains make it difficult to get through the in-between rest periods. After all, who wants to be known for wet crotches? It is quite clear that there should be some way by which your balls can breathe as you work out. Well, we decided to come up with a fabric with the name of ‘The Ball Cooling (TBC) Fabric. Now that we have safely discussed the problem at hand, let us move ahead and discuss the solution. 

We engineered a new fabric that’s ahead of its time. The 3D knitting technology blended in TBC allows the air to flow, thus making the fabric more breathable. Moreover, it doesn't stick anywhere, either to your skin or to your balls. Along with that, it creates mini air pockets that help in thermoregulation. This gives way for greater heat dissipation. That, in return, makes you cool, after a sweaty workout. Because exercise is an intense activity that produces heat. TBC fabric solves this problem of heat dissipation through thermoregulation.

The TBC fabric also has a unique blend of properties like antimicrobial, that demolishes any bacteria that try to break your sweat into odor.

This means that now there is no more stink after a workout. It is anti-Static, which eliminates the static charges with resultant spark caused due to friction between your skin and fabric. This fabric is ultralight and makes you swift and agile.

To burn that extra fat, to make your body fitter, to look at yourself in the mirror with more confidence, we know you push yourself out of your comfort zone. No one has ever gotten a fit and healthy body without trying hard. While you are willing to invest so much of your effort and time in working out, why should your clothes hold you back in any way! All that stands in between you and the achievement of an aimed number of reps must be mitigated. The right workout gear works as an enabler, prepping you for challenging the limits that you’ve been trying to for so long. It is an upgrade to your fitness lifestyle. Just like how it feels to get a free upgrade to a business class seat on your flight. Or get a free travel bag along with your purchase. It is like life rewarding you unexpectedly. It is that sentiment that we truly want you to experience.

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